HR and Marketing Internship

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Care on Call Los Angeles
[18 57th Pl
Long Beach, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 20 Part-time, Unpaid

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Students can pick from a variety of assignments depending on where they would like to focus:

Human Resources:
1. Accompanying me as I conduct interviews with potential employees regarding the services Care on Call offers
2. Screening potential employees and conducting particular parts of an interview
3. Researching where to find potential employees and then contacting them through advertisements, such as flyers, writing emails, and making phone calls

1. Managing other less experienced interns and volunteers
2. Working with another intern to discuss strategies and implement optimal ways to reach potential clients
3. Meeting with me and other interns to discuss what they are working on, providing feedback and suggesting ways to work together

Hands-On Experience:
1. Facilitating programs, such as programs for seniors exercise classes or bingo night at Leisure World in Seal Beach
2. Volunteering at childcare facilities

Community Work:
1. Volunteering at specific functions such as The Alzheimer's Walk or the Birth Rally

1. Accompanying me in meetings with doctors in small practices, such as Dr. Berlin Chiropractic Wellness center and hospital case workers to discuss potential referrals to Care on Call
2. Researching competitors and consulting with me about making the needed adjustments to Care on Call
3. Growing the company by contacting businesses through email, phone, and in person, that may be potential partners, such as photography companies and yoga companies.
4. Accompanying me as we meet with potential partnering companies to discuss ways we can promote/refer each other.

1. Attending meetings at my home and other facilities, such as open houses at senior living facilities and introducing themselves to members of the community while educating them about Care on Call. Try to create more connections.
2. Attending meetups other networking business meetings
3. Managing the Care on Call booth and speaking with attendees at the Alzheimer's walk or at trade shows, such as the Plush Event or the upcoming MommyCon Event

Administration Work:
1. Answering phones and entering data
2. Creating a handbook
3. Composing an e-newsletter

Application Instructions:
Please email me your resume at View the website at Read all info and view the videos. You may follow up with a phone call between the hours of 9am to 9pm at 310-686-5650


Almost all students who apply for the internship will be welcomed into the internship program Andrea provides guidance and there are many projects that can be tailored to meet the individual student’s learning curve. Students will also have an opportunity to work for the company for $15/hr in one of the service areas such as elder care if the student meets the requirements.

How To Apply

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