Marketing and Sales Consultant

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At K.A.W.S. Marketing Group, we are currently looking for top quality, high caliber, integrity driven individuals for an internship in a fun, fast-paced work environment in our Alpharetta office.

K.A.W.S. Marketing Group specializes in direct sales and marketing by providing our clients and customers with personal touches and individual attention.

We are here for our clients' needs and have been contracted by them to conduct all of the face-to-face sales and direct marketing for them. This strategy has proven to be very effective in our business. With building personal relationships, rapport, and trust, we have easily and effectively addressed every concern of our customers. We have helped improve brand loyalty, recognition, profits, and overall market share for our clients.

Our non-traditional and unique approach to marketing our clients' products has helped us reach our goal of rapid expansion and growth in a very competitive industry. We take pride in the logic behind our methods due to the success we have achieved thus far.


- Learn business systems and company culture
- Participate in leadership development and management training
- Public speaking and presentations
- Training and coaching others to help develop their skills
- Learning the business aspect and back end of a marketing firm
- Sales and marketing our clients' services. We only do one-on-one sales interactions with our customers. (NO cold calling and NO cold sales)


- Leadership Skills
- Goal Oriented, Drive, Ambition, and Motivation for Success
- Professionalism and Integrity
- Fun Personality
- Team Player
- Possess skills at judging correctly what will appeal to target audiences
- Prefer challenges that involve communication

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