Unpaid Office Intern

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Monsta Fam Music Group
7000 Storage Court
Columbus, GA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 20 Full-time, Unpaid

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Welcome to “THE FAM”!
The Monsta Fam Music Group begun as the independent record
label Monsta Music Recordings founded in 2010 by CEO/Owner “CJ”
Joyner. With the release of the labels first album, “The Monsta Fam
Compilation Vol. 1” Monsta Music Recordings set itself as a company
committed to bring you the hottest music.

'The Balance' by 'Dex Digzby' was the first individual artist album to be released by
Monsta Music Recordings. After the release of 'The Balance', Dex
Digzby was appointed CEO of the first subsidiary to the label; Life Music.
Life Music was formed as its own genre of music that focuses on positivity
and true life teachings. Life Music is a faith based label that shares
positive messages for today’s world.

In the forming of this subsidiary label, Monsta Music Recordings
moved into a new era of business as the Monsta Fam Music Group.
Once formed into the Monsta Fam Music Group, the label expanded into
new markets and divisions were formed to include 'Monsta Fam Radio',
'Poetic Monstas', 'Monsta Fam DJs', 'Luxe' Adora Modeling Agency', and 'Monsta Media'.

Under the leadership and direction of Chief Executive Officer “CJ”
Joyner, Chief Operating Officer Victoria Robinson, and Chief Business
Officer Sean Victor, the company has forged a successful path to include
album releases, garnered awards and nominations for awards, major
opening performances for esteemed national artist, performances in
notable events, and participation in community service programs.

The Monsta Fam Music Group, with the leadership and artistry, is
set to achieve many goals and accomplishments in the future, while still
staying true to the founding principles of the company, which include
quality music, captivating performances, and exemplary visual, sound, and
media products. The founding principles are set on the building blocks of
hard work which is evident in our logo, after all “We Define The Grind”.


- Monitor Action Plans, ensuring all projects are on the schedule
- Fill out a step by step action plan for every event
- Maintain the weekly requirements for your business Facebook and Twitter Pages
(Gain Followers/Friends and make Regular Posts),
- Be prepared at anytime to promote our business
- Sell CD's and Maintain an email contact list at every Show.


- Understand how to implement goals
- Possess skills at assessing issues, defining solutions, and implementing strategy
- Perform well in environment that values leadership, efficiency, dependability, and organization
- Possess the ability to communicate Ideas to other "Fam Members"
- Posses the ability to hold business calls and meetings with those Inside and outside of the business

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