Research Assistant

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LaMiss Inc.
8019 1/2 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Full-time, Unpaid

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Research Assistants participate in the design, execution, analysis and evaluation of LaMiss Inc. projects, including Real Estate, Reality TV, Film and Wellness/Fitness. LaMiss is committed to providing interns with educational and professional experience, significant responsibility that expands with experience, and a congenial team atmosphere. LaMiss RAs may work throughout the academic year but internships are initially set up as year-round employment opportunities.


Handle and protect confidential and sensitive data with integrity.
Manage data collection projects by meeting paper and electronic mailing deadlines, entering data, transcribing tapes and handwritten notes; learn and use technology to do these tasks more efficiently.
Assist staff in design and maintenance of online surveys and relational databases
Prepare print documents, web pages, and other graphics using Mac & PC.
Assist staff and clients in the design, execution and evaluation of research projects, including literature reviews, surveys, focus groups, data integration and analysis.
Produce written, tabular and visual materials for research reports and presentations.
Assist staff in logistical management of the projects, including acquisition of supplies, inventory management, bookkeeping and strategic planning.


Required abilities and dispositions:

High personal motivation, self-management, and detail-orientation; ability to take responsibility in meeting deadlines and making progress without direct supervision.
Strong spoken and written communications skills.
Capacity and will to learn new software, research methods, and work routines quickly, under the mentorship of LaMiss Inc. senior staff
Flexibility in responding to new research and planning opportunities as they arise.
Motivation to engage in and manage a wide range of intellectual and physical work, ranging from preparing mass mailings to analyzing proposed data-collection designs.
Ability to share responsibilities and rewards with a networked team of coworkers.

Preferred additional qualities:
Strong existing computer skills with Microsoft Office (especially Access), SPSS statistical software, QuickBooks, general Internet and electronic communications.
Articulate and tactful communications skills; readiness to meet and work directly with clients.
Interest in professional development toward future graduate school or employment in advanced social research.
Minimum Sophomore or junior standing in the fall, with a long-term interest in a responsible position at LaMiss through graduation.

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