Roger Fung Agency of AIL Internship Program

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American Income Life- Roger Fung Agency
1601 Bayshore Hwy Suite 233
Burlingame, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Part-time, Unpaid

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At Roger Fung Agency our values are founded on our H.I.T. philosophy. Honesty, Integrity, and Trust are the foundations of everything we do.
Our Mission Statement says: Our purpose is to protect all working families. We develop leaders through personal and professional growth built on a solid foundation of helping Individuals achieve their dreams. We ensure families have financial security by having a winning mentality based on mentorship, training and accountability. Our commitment to respect, professionalism and dignity promotes a productive environment and creates the ultimate work experience.
Our Internship program is designed to give an intern a thorough knowledge in the building blocks of a successful business. We do this by teaching ownership and entrepreneurialism.


The Internship is based on the following areas:
1. The first area of focus is “Growing Your Business.” This area focuses on the interview process. From the initial contact with a candidate to the final step of the hiring process. The Intern will be involved in prospecting, recruiting, administration and becoming a liaison with our Home Office. Total hours spent in this area will be between 160 -200 hours depending on Internship length.
2. The second area of focus is “Training Others”. This component of the Internship focuses on the training of others through proper instruction, Goal Setting, Public Speaking, Coaching and learning to coach others. Total hours spent in this component is approx. 40 -60 depending on length of internship.
3. The third component of the program is “Sales”. Regardless of your major. Sales is a key part of every conversation and aspect of business. Interns will be taught The Sales Cycle, How to diagnose sales deficiency, prospecting for referrals and future client and pipeline management. Total Hours 30-40.
4. “Leadership Development” is our fourth component to the Internship program. Interns will learn how to run a team. A key to being a good leader is learning how to get people to do the things they have to do to be successful but don’t want to do. Interns will be focused on ways to make this happen. Interns will be taught about Emotional Intelligence and how to identify leadership qualities in others. “Leadership is Influence.” Interns will be and taught and expected to lead by example at all times. The “TO DO LIST” will be learned and utilized daily as part of time management training. Total hours 30-40.
5. The fifth step is “Conservation of Business and Clients”. Here the Intern will be taught about maximizing profitability and planning for long term business objectives. Total Hours 30-40.
6. Part six is based on “Leads and Resources.” The Intern will be taught how to administer resources and generate new resources. They will be taught to work with businesses to generate new clients as well as service existing clients. Total Hours – 40
Each Intern will also spend 52 hours becoming licensed by California Department of Insurance with a Life and Health license.
It is the goal of our program to both effectively train and mentor each Intern so they can actively compete for a position in entry level management with our firm on the completion of their studies although it is not a requirement of the program


The Internship is divided into 6 components. Each component is broken down into hours. There are two types of internships part-time and full time. The six components of the program are then broken down into subsections so that the intern can learn as much as possible and be involved in the day to day action of running a successful business.
Every week each intern is scored on their past weeks performance. The Intern will be judged on the following areas: work ethic, attitude, implementation of learned material, and overall performance based on each area of the business.

How To Apply

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