Innovation Program at Roanoke's CoLab

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The CoLab Student Innovation Program (SIP) provides undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to receive hands-on exposure to entrepreneurship, business, and emerging technologies. Students that participate in the program will spend their summer working full-time in a start-up environment as either an intern or a founder, receiving mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs studying and learning alongside their peers in an immersive, weekly program of seminars, assignments, and structured discussions. The opportunity to work with five, ten or fifteen startups will accelerate your experience and understanding. It will also exponentially increase the likelihood of a post-graduation job.

Hands-on Experience
Students may participate either as an intern working with the CoLab and several small, entrepreneurial companies, or as a part of the founding team of a new venture. Interns will gain important, hands-on experience working either full time (40 Hours) during the summer or part-time (20 Hours) during the school year in the CoLab environment, often directly contributing to the company’s product development and initial growth.


Incubation Track
Interested in creating a startup? This track is for you! Accepted interns will enjoy an innovative working environment and mentorship direction, which will dramatically increase their chances of success. Students interested in this track must have a clear idea of what business they want to start and clear logic and research behind the concept.

Internship Track
Interested in learning from a startup environment but not ready to start your own company? This track is for you! Accepted interns will gain unique experiences, which will propel them into the field with which they want to work.


What we are looking for in an applicant:
• An interest in entrepreneurship and/or innovation
• An aspiration to one day create a start-up (some sooner than others)
• A great attitude, willingness to learn and a positive demeanor
• A self-starter always looking to help and learn from others
• Ability to work both independently and in a team environment
• An excellent work-ethic
• Knowledge of entrepreneurship and/or technology is a plus!

Programs of Study- Great for CoLab!
• Business
• Information Technology
• Graphic Design
• Engineering
• Liberal Arts
• And Many Others!
• We also Love Student Veterans!

Application Packet
• Cover letter/Letter of Interest
• Resume
• Feel free to submit a creative video
• Portfolio or Work Samples (if applicable)

Participants are responsible for securing their own housing during the program.
This is an unpaid internship.

How To Apply

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