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Room to Dance, Inc
3737 Main St
Riverside, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 4 Part-time, Unpaid

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Room to Dance and World to Dance are Riverside's first multi-genre dance and fitness studios for adults only. Blending the powers of culture, community, leadership, and delicously sweaty classes, our company continued=s to trailblaze each year as a result of a dynamic mission and brilliant team.


Room to Dance opened in 2011 with World to Dance following in 2013, bringing with it a full schedule of international dance offerings. Together as new business partners, Julie and April pour their love of dance and community into every part of these two studios, making the studio one of downtown Riverside’s fastest growing businesses.

Together, they noted the incredible bonds being formed in the studio and were amazed to see how many lives we being transformed through dance. Capitalizing on the incredible diversity their students were already bringing to their classes, they put together a team of international superstar instructors to take the next step: World to Dnace.

In January of 2014, Julie and April merged the studios and moved to 3737 Main Street in the ground floor of the California Towers. There, they made 'Fearless' the 2014 mantra, determined to provide "the most diverse menu of classes in the most welcoming environment for adults only."

Become a Superhero
Dynamic, elite, close-knit, vital- that's our Superhero team. They are the administrative foundation of all that we do and the 'face' behind our classes- but they're more than that- they understand the vision behind the studio and work to make it known to those around us through their fantastic customer service and obvious enthusiasm. We love our work-study team and work hard to make sure they stay strong by carefully selecting our members.

Because of the experience we offer, we receive a large amount of applicants. Of these applicants- about 2% receive an offer. Make your application count!
Our internship is rigorous but the benefit is long-lasting.


Our team is responsible for a wide spectrum of duties. Customer service is the core component, but depending on strengths and interest, there is also event planning, writing, social media management, and more.

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?Must commit to 4-5 days a week, approximately 2 hours per day, for a 22 week period. Most shifts are in the evening, but we do have 2 available day time slots. All participants will have mandatory Friday afternoon classes in business and leadership development.

Have a pro-active, problem solving, teachable personality.

Be outgoing and able to deliver consistently wonderful customer service.

Candidates must demonstrate a high-level of integrity and responsibility.?

Believe 100% in our mission and core values

How To Apply

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