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You can apply for this internship by visiting the official internship page at Skanatek AB site and following the instructions

We are Skanatek

Skanatek is an officeless company with a distributed team spread accross the globe. We like to mix successful engineering management practices with marketing, administrative and design activities. In other words, we apply the best elements of SCRUM and Agile both to software development and to all the non-engineering tasks.

How we work

Our team has a self-managed horizontal structure, which means that there are no team members who get paid for telling other people what to do. Instead, everyone actually does the job which is best suitable for that person and is most efficient for the current project.

What we do

In some sence we are ‘oldschool’, because we do not chase the latest trends in the IT and the startups world. Instead, we heavily invest in projects that will be important even in 20 years from now. Thus, our projects have a strong relation to the physical world.


There is no compensation for the internship.
Although Skanatek is very small, some of references that we provided to our former interns have helped them to land jobs in large well-known companies.
Our formal headquarters are in Sweden, but the team members live and work remotely from different parts of the world (Sweden, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Russia, India, etc.)
This internship is 100% remote. It means that as an intern you would have to work alone in front of your computer. Some people do not like when there are no opportunities to socialize in the office and therefore we usually recommend candidates to consider the remote factor thoroughly before applying.
Since the internship is remote, the working hours are very flexible. The main requirement are the daily reports which should be done daily. If we do not receive a daily report from an intern during the internship, the internship is automatically terminated on the same day (the internship is not added to the CV, no recommendation letter is provided).
If an intern wishes to, an internship agreement can be signed between the company and the intern. The agreement regulates all the aspects of the internship.
The internship is built around testing the self-learning skills of the intern, as well as his/her ability to be a reliable part of the team. Therefore, the internship is essentially a course of studies during which the intern reads relevant sources, applies new knowledge to complete assignments and does reporting about that.
The internship is done in 2 phases. During the 1st phase the intern studies himself/herself; the assignments start with very simple ones, but the difficulty increases closer to the end of the 1st phase. If the 1st phase is completed sucessfully the intern joins the team to study/work on more difficult assignments with the help of team members (company chat, online portal, Skype). During both phases the intern also studies by a curated reading list to widen his/her theoretical knowledge.
The first phase of the internship can take about 4 weeks and the second phase can take about 8-10 weeks.
The internship requires the intern to study 3-5 hours daily, 5 days a week. However, if an intern wishes to study on a faster pace, he/she can be transfered to the 2nd phase earlier.
(if you are located in Sweden) Up to ~5000 SEK monthly internship payment paid by one of Arbetsförmedlingen’s support programs (Arbetspraktik, Jobb- och utvecklingsgarantin, Jobbgarantin för ungdomar or by the Praktikplats program of Arbetsmarknadsenheten in your town.
OR no compensation if Arbetsförmedlingen or an Arbetsmarknadsenheten does not grant you any financial support;
Depending on the intern’s performance, the intern might be proposed a full-time position relevant to his area of expertise at the end of the internship period.


The only skill requirement is your ability to learn new skills and implement them in your work;
Analytical mind set, capability to interpret data and drive business conclusions is desirable
Good knowledge of MS Office/Libre Office is desirable

How To Apply

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