Business Internship Program

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Posted: October 06 2016
Company Location: Ada, OK
Application Deadline: No Deadline
Position: 3 Part-time, Paid

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The internship program is an opportunity for participants to test “real life” business skills without the huge investment of time or money that is usually involved in starting a business yet with the “real life” feel and experience of business.

The intern will follow a clear and carefully mapped out program and there are significant financials benefits for doing so. (If it’s business it has to have value and reward combined!)

The business will be started with LegalShield under the intern’s name and that business will be 100% owned by the intern under LegalShield policies and procedures.


1. The intern will complete the application form but will not have to pay the $99 enrollment fee.
2. The intern will need to have a LegalShield membership $17.95 per month for an individual, or $19.95 per month for a couple/family with a one-time $10 enrollment fee. The intern may if they wish enroll in the IDShield program.
3. The intern will begin by finding one person to enroll in LegalShield as a member – friend or family member who wants to help out, or needs a will or has a question, will be fine. That person will enroll in the LegalShield and/or IDShield memberships at
4. The intern will then be processed as a LegalShield Associate and a game plan interview will be conducted to lay out how to proceed with the business from that point.
5. Currently, there is a $7500 bonus program over an 8-month period available to dedicated, productive, consistent new associates.
6. After the first month the intern will pay $20 per month “office costs” from his/her earnings.
7. The intern will be part of Kalon Goodrich’s team and will receive support from him and his team during this process.
8. The intern will agree to participate in the program on a part time, spare time basis for at least 1 year (like any startup it takes commitment.)

What will I be doing?

1) Learning the value of the four types of knowledge acquisition – Learning knowledge, Activity knowledge, Modelling knowledge and Teaching knowledge.
2) Building a brokerage and learning to onboard new Associates.
3) Leveraging any small business or employer contacts you or your sphere of influence have.
4) Establishing good habits of activity.
5) Providing information on LegalShield and ID Shield services without having to do the presentations themselves.
6) Learning to answer questions by using a third party expert.
7) Know how to answer objections effectively and collect a decision efficiently.
8) In time, learning how to lead and motivate a team towards a pre-determined goal.

All of the above is designed to give the intern the feeling of real business responsibility running a business akin to a franchise but without the high costs or commitment of that model.

The intern will be expected to set goals – Get from X to Y by Z date.

The intern will learn to focus on their WIG (Wildly Important Goal) as it pertains to the business.

The intern will learn to read and interpret business reports which will be generated for them.

The intern will have access to online marketing tools that they didn’t have to create but that are top quality.


Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, have an entrepreneurial drive, the ability to learn and follow proven systems to build a business.


Required - Self-driven, Passion for Helping Others, Always Willing to Learn, English language skills, Client-focused, Service Orientation, Work Effectively, Coachable, Communication Skills Listening, Focused Execution
Preferred - Social Justice, Entrepreneur, Mobile Phone Apps, Mission Oriented

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Always be on the alert for potentially fraudulent job postings online - never send money to a potential employer.

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