Digital Nomad Internship - Travel And Learn To Earn Money Online

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Posted: January 29 2016
Company Location: Monterey, CA
Application Deadline: No Deadline
Position: 2 Full-time, Paid

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My name is Nico and I'm a freelance writer, full-time traveler, and business owner. (Graphic design business and selling products on

I travel the world non-stop. I spent last year riding motorcycles in Thailand, SCUBA diving in the Philippines, and sharing exquisite meals with rich factory owners in China. Now, I'm back in North America learning Spanish in Mexico. (I'm lying a hammock under the stars as I write this)

I've found a pretty awesome lifestyle, and I'd like to teach someone else how to do this too.

The easiest way I've found to earn money from anywhere is through freelance writing. With no experience, no portfolio, nothing at all, I earned $600 during my first week. That was in 2014. All I had was the ability to write marginally well and the confidence to ask potential clients to work with me. (It's easier than you think, I promise.)

So, here's the gist.... During this 3 month internship, I'm going to teach you how to earn at least $500 per week, on your own time, from anywhere in the world.

I make $100 per hour with some clients, seriously.

Less of an internship, this is an opportunity for mentorship. You won't be working directly for my company, you'll be building your own as a freelancer. I had my first major client after just a few days. You'll certainly be up to speed after 3 months.

Why do I want to help you like this? It's because I used to go on internship sites like this and scroll through pages and pages of incredibly boring jobs that, at best, would lead to a life cooped up in a cubicle for 40 hours per week. I was lucky to 'break out' and I want to help you too.

Once you know how to make money as a freelance writer, you can never be fired. Individual clients can fire you, but you'll always be able to make money because you'll have 5 - 10 clients at any one time. The best part is, you can do your work on a beach in the Philippines, in your apartment in Hong Kong, or in a hammock in Mexico. That's freedom.

Freelancing is only the start. Once you're talking to the right people you can learn about building businesses you can run from anywhere. That's when a whole new life opens up. It's work, but it's all possible.

I'm potentially open to hosting this internship remotely, but you'll get the best experience if you really dive into this lifestyle 100% for a few months. That means coming to live with me in Mexico. I've got enough money to make sure you'll always have a roof over your head and tacos in your stomach, but that said, you've still got to have courage to say yes to something like this.

I flew to Bangkok with no promises, just a dream for what the future could look like. Here, you've actually got someone holding your hand the whole way. If this is right for you... send me an email at ''.


You're going to learn to be a freelance writer. This involves a lot of writing.

You're also going to need to apply to freelance writing jobs, which I'll show you how to do.

I'm making an effort to learn Spanish. If you're open to learning Spanish with me that's a plus. (If not, no worries)



1. Hustle - If you're lazy, this won't work for you. If you're turning in school assignments late then you'll probably miss deadlines for clients. But, if you're ale to get done what needs to get done, you'll get paid a lot surprisingly quickly.

2. Openness To The Unexpected - You are VERY unlikely to run into real trouble in the south of Mexico. The 'scary' stuff doesn't exist much down here. The problems you might have are small, like seeing a cockroach or ordering food without knowing exactly what it is.

3. Interest In Writing - I know how to make money as a freelance writer. This is the skill you're going to learn with me that will allow you to make money from anywhere. That said, you can't be a terrible writer or there's nothing I'll be able to do to help you. Writing 500-word blog posts for companies is just like writing essays for school (slightly easier I think) so if you did well on those then you'll probably be good at this also.

4. A Desire To 'Not Be Normal' - A lot of people like being normal. It's relaxing, doesn't take much effort, and doesn't come with many surprises. If this is you, you need not apply.

5. A Valid Passport


Required - Travel, Written & Verbal Communication Abilities, Writing/Editing

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