RESEARCH CZAR - Gain Experience Working on Game Changing Projects

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MC Johnson Enterprise
Posted: December 19 2014
Company Location: Boulder, CO
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 4 Part-time, Unpaid

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We believe work should be fun, exciting and give you that rush of wanting to jump out of bed in the morning. Here at M.C. Johnson Enterprise we devote our attention to working on what we believe to be game changing projects. We currently manage three companies in three separate industries. You could almost compare us to a small private equity firm - with a focus on fun, creative and fresh ideas.

We like to collaborate and build teams that stretch minds and challenge individuals to be great on all levels. We pride ourselves on crazy ideas. We look for ways to grow our bottom line, our team members impact and our brains. We look for unconventional talent and know that usually the best ideas come from people outside of the field at hand.

We are looking for team members that want to be apart of something exciting. We want you to grow on all levels while gaining valuable work experience and mindset with us.

Looking for that internship that will leave you smiling every time someone asks about it on your resume? Welcome...


Let's face it - You could go gain experience being a paper pusher just about anywhere.

We don't want paper pushers.

We want team members who want to work on game changing projects. We want team members who ooze with excitement over assignments and their part of the bigger picture.

Your position will be assisting with research and planning of our large scale projects. You'll be working on segments for some of our current long term projects. Two examples of projects you'll assist with: Founding a City Zoo (city will be disclosed to you later per confidentiality requirements), Creating a co working environment for startups.

Examples of your task might be:
- Complete SWOT analysis of XYZ
- Construct financial plan for operation
- Compile budget metrics & costs for project XYZ
- Research promotional tactics of successful companies in XYZ field
- Compile list of successful present day leaders and potential partners for XYZ
- Locate opportunity site based on XYZ factors
- Compare pros / cons of business XYZ and XYZ


- Relentless attitude to succeed
- Impeccable knack for research and finding things others wouldn't
- Ability to meet goals in a timely fashion
- Ability to clearly communicate


Random "Awesomeness" Prizes - We like to reward our team members with random prizes (things like Amazon Gift Cards, Our favorite books, Coffee Cards, etc)

Discounts on great products - We've got amazing companies we work with, and extend those discounts we get to our interns.

One on One time with successful Founders & C level Executives - How many internships allow you to really work closely with the decision makers of a business? You'll be able to ask questions, think through decisions and learn first hand.

Flexibility - Like to travel? Great! Want to sleep in? That's cool. Need to work late night? Even better. Bottom line, we keep a work flow structure that allows our team members to execute on amazing projects when their mind and body is best to work. This allows even more flexibility for our interns to work other jobs, attend class or just live a life like you should as a student.

Hustlers Toolbox - We like to give our team members a leg up on being awesome in life! All incoming team members receive our "Hustlers Toolbox" which is filled with life hacks, learning hacks, 80/20 principles and everything else we've learned along the way to elevate our own game.

Network X - Multiply your network early in life and you'll be set for years to come. We make sure our interns connect with individuals who can help them towards their ultimate goals (or figure out what those goals should be).


Required - Action Research, Detailed Organization, Articulate Communicator, Highly motivated self-starter, Proactive self-starter, Self Management, Active Team Player

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