Start Up Business Plan Implementation Assistant

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Non Profit Capital Management, LLC
Boston, MA
Posted: September 21 2016
Application Deadline: No Deadline
Position: 8 Part-time, Unpaid

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Non Profit Capital Management, LLC is a for-profit company that is focused on creating value in the states its works with nonprofits. Helping our customers evolve and grow to meet the demands their mission requires means bringing investment and jobs into the sector via the for profit sector with Social enterprise initiatives. Integrated communities where the creation of jobs, affordable housing, assisted living, a community of young professionals and affiliated with one or more nonprofits brings about ongoing and long term positive impact for the community.

Social Enterprise Vision: To improve the use and access of areas of undeveloped landscape for those in urban or rural settings. To support and promote stewards of areas of undeveloped landscape for the betterment of the community. To support those who have served in the military in accessing health care, housing and employment opportunities in honor of unselfish service to end oppression and strengthen equality.To support educational and economic opportunities for those wishing to improve the lives of others. To encourage individuals of any age to be a catalyst for promoting tolerance, equality, scholarship and community service.

One leader Social Enterprises wishes to follow is Joan Maas: Joan Maas was born in Germany in the same year that Adolf Hitler took power. As a young Jewish girl, she suffered through the horrors of oppression and survived a concentration camp. Self-taught, Joan learned English while coping with the immense emotional trauma left upon the family and the world. She became a civil rights activist and even marched along side Rev. Martin Luther King to end segregation and promote equal rights in America. She implemented the highest standards of ethical practice in all of her work, including her time spent as the first female president of the Chicago Chapter of the Institute of Real Estate Management. As a mentor, she shared and advanced the highest ethical standards with dozens of colleagues in several non-profit and private companies. She will forever be remembered as a peaceful warrior for positive social change, and social justice.

Joan Maas quote: “We can build tolerance in our communities by remembering both stories of oppression and the selfless acts of those who have tried to rescue each other."


Each Individual intern will have a specific description of the roles and responsibilities that are expected and those skill sets that will be learned on the job in writing at hire. In some cases consulting contracts may result in some time limited work being paid. However, said option is not promised.

Day to day tasks will weigh towards each phase of the implementing the business plan of the start up and adjusting as the business plan is adjusting as it acquires properties to develop and manage.


Prefer individuals with coursework or major in economics, accounting, business, construction management, human resources, cost analysis, psychology, sociology, human services, urban planning, landscape design, building design, or universal design.

Prefer individuals who are self motivated and have skills to work with a team. An individual who can bring to the team attributes that will result in the best product being produced by the whole team.

Your resume needs to be able to convey an ability to balance multiple projects and be successful. Must have time management skills. Must have a track record of meeting deadlines.

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