Are you looking for an internship in Charlotte? Second only to New York City as the largest banking hub in the nation, Charlotte is working to further its financial status by further developing its technology sector. Forbes lists the city as 14th in Best Places for Business and Careers, and CBRE Research identified Charlotte as a tech sector “momentum market” surpassing even California’s Silicon Valley.

In Money magazine’s 2014 Best Places to Live, Charlotte is first, subtitled “best bargain city.” While cost of living tracks with national averages, affordable living is riare in a metropolitan area hosting 17 Fortune 1000 and seven Fortune 500 corporate headquarters. The largest internship employers are Wells Fargo Company and the Carolinas HealthCare System, but Charlotte is also a strategic location for Duke Energy and Progress Energy. The University of North Carolina at Charlotte has invested millions in its public-private Data Science and Business Analytics Initiative to “stimulate innovation” in math and the sciences and to showcase Charlotte’s cutting-edge tech industry resources.

Part of the Bible Belt – the city is eighth on the American Bible Society’s 2015 America’s Most Bible-Minded Cities – Charlotte continues to grow, with each year bringing still more economic boons and booms. The climate is Southern, with air-conditioning a necessity in hot months, but the city offers significant professional opportunities for internships as well as plenty of historical, arts and outdoor leisure activities at a bargain price.

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