Blogger internship

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Posted: 691 days ago
Company Location: Rye Brook, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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Our goal is to build strong relationships with students, faculty and staff enabling all to gain the scoop on different college communities throughout the country. Students play an important part of our company’s success. This experience will give insight on how marketing, social media, blogging and journalism works through online media. The main concept is gaining awareness and for people all around the world to track scoop, events and connect with people around them. The intern must be willing to do research and have a passion for the Internet. It’s important to be a self-starter and motivated to find out on what’s going on around you. An internship is a smart way to gain hands on experience. This is an unpaid internship where you can receive internship resume building experience.

Blogger Opportunities: Bloggers will be responsible for building content on As well as, sharing their blogs to others social media websites to spread the SCOOP written on

Roles and Responsibilities:

Creating content by identifying and blogging about the “Inside Scoop” (topics and events) within your campus, hometown or the world around you
o Using your writing skills and creativity to submit content that reflects the categories found on our website (Ex. Sports. Fashion, Music, Entertainment, business, etc.)
o Research and identify the “Inside Scoop” (Topics & Events) in your community and the world around you.
o The ability to write in a conversational and engaging style
o Staying connected through social media by sharing the scoop (blogs written on
Writing Skills
o Outstanding proofreading and editing skills
o Ability to create, compose and edit blogs
o Writing should be informative yet engaging

o Ability to work independently and manage time
o Be a self-starter
o Be self-motivated

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