Cultural Development Internship

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This internship locates in China.
UniqueSoft is a USA company registered at the State of Delaware, and was founded in 2007 by a proven, veteran business and technical team from Motorola, Inc. This software company has successfully created a new engineering design environment for the rapid development of high-quality, complex infrastructure software for large systems. The goal of the company is to totally automate the software development process from requirement definition, system specification and design, software coding, and testing to realize significant improvements in development cycle time and software reliability. It is also envisaged that this novel software automation approach can also lead to software architectural designs and applications that are inherently simpler, more innovative, and more secured.


Reporting to General Manager, the Cultural development intern is expected to work closely with the GM office to conduct English environment building and implementation.

1. English environment building & implementation

*Communicate with employees in English, to exert a subtle influence on the staff's awareness of speaking English.
*Sit in the English courses and conference calls as an observer to encourage the use of English language.
*Give a monthly lecture to share the observations and report on the execution progress.
*Deliver English Training Courses if needed.

2. Other tasks assigned by the supervisor

*Draft policies
*Create professional reports
*Design English implementations programs
*The knowledge and skills that the intern will be able to learn during the internship

Teamwork-Intern will learn how to work effectively in a group by being shown how and why workloads are delegated to different members on the team.
Insight into Multinational company culture - Interns will have a clear insight of a multinational company working in China. They will be able to observe the cultural differences and how to overcome these differences. This will be of great importance as the intern learns how to develop working relationship and friendship with people from different cultures.
Departmental insight- Interns will receive departmental presentations once a month. This is where departments such as HR, FIN, ADM &QA find time away from their busy schedules to show Interns their role In the business and the problems they face.
Professional skill development- interns will receive training on how to present weekly and monthly reports, presentation skills, drafting policies, professional meeting skills and training skills.


*English native speaker preferred
*Strong communication skills and high sense of responsibility
*Fluent oral English
*Strong organizational and multi-tasking skills
*Proficient in Microsoft Office software
*Easy-going, passionate and team work spirit
*Friendly, amicable, people-oriented
*Committing to at least 3 months

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