Change the Situation! Be a Campus Rep for this Nonprofit Campaign: Tuition Revolution

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Take a leadership position in this nonprofit campaign to make college affordable. Be a Campus Rep for

Tuition Revolution, an initiative of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit,

Possible School Credit (and lots of other benefits, as shown below)

Many schools offer academic credit for campus rep positions with nonprofits. If yours does, we would

be glad to cooperate to help make that happen.

About Tuition Revolution

Skyrocketing tuition costs have made college unaffordable for this generation and burdens students

with tremendous debt. Now, everyone can help change the situation by joining Tuition Revolution, Here are four great reasons to join now:

1. WE’LL HELP PAY FOR COLLEGE! We will contribute towards your tuition, college savings plan, or

student debt payments whenever you and your family spend at 700 national retailers, grocers,

gas stations, restaurants, hotels and airlines. Join the revolution now to receive a priority

invitation to our launch later this year.

2. WE'LL HELP YOU SAVE MONEY with info on new sources of tuition funding.

3. WE'LL KEEP YOU POSTED on campaigns to reduce tuition costs, including better government

funding and even bold moves to make college free.

4. LEND YOUR VOICE! Great social justice movements succeed when people speak up.


Because we are a nonprofit, this is an unpaid position. We expect the other benefits to make it



Here are great benefits to being a ClassWish Campus Rep:

 Take on a leadership role.

 Connect with student leaders and other students on your campus and around the country.

 Enhance your resume with a record of community service, social impact, and

 Help make college tuition more affordable for millions of college students and even the next

 Get a recommendation letter from ClassWish.

This is an unpaid position. Many schools offer academic credit for campus rep positions with nonprofits.

If yours does, we would be glad to cooperate to help make that happen.

How to Apply

Interested in becoming a Campus Rep for Tuition Revolution? Please do this:

 visit

 leave a comment at the bottom of the home page

 post a picture or video to Instagram (as explained at the bottom of the home page)

 like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (see the buttons at the top of each page of our site)

 ask your friends to do the same.

Then email your resume and a short cover note to Tell us something

awesome about you. Tell us how you will promote Tuition Revolution at your college.


Job Description

As a Campus Rep, you will help raise awareness of Tuition Revolution on your college campus. To do

this, you may:

 Print and post flyers.

 Email student leaders to help spread the word.

 Encourage organizations to get their members involved.

 Seek coverage in student media.

 Share through social media.

You can work on campus, online, and on your own totally flexible schedule. We expect students to work

five hours per week. This is a great opportunity for self-directed students who have leadership skills,

take initiative and like to make things happen.



Undergraduate or graduate students; experience in social media; good communication skills.

How To Apply

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