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Oversea Club - Membership Policy
The Oversea Club is the world's first international business communication and cooperation platform. It is committed to overseas talent, the elite in China, and Chinese people who are involved in overseas business, career development, online media and similar. The Club incorporates such areas as business, finance, foreign languages, and technology exchange, and promotes the academic and cultural diversity of the world's modern community.

Membership Criteria:
A: Foreigners (non Chinese)
B: Chinese nationals (based on overseas study / employment background; foreign investment; management of joint venture multinationals)
C: CET 4 or above (members are required to provide the relevant certificates)
D: Artists

Goal: Promote quality cooperation between international organizations and demonstrate the efficient co-ordination of talents.

Exclusive Benefits:
1) Global real-time industry news: HR and employment, and relevant industry cooperation projects.
2) Oversea Club's official website - access to: leading cultural media, economic life, academic research, technology and other valuable resources, including images, video and text data.
3) Members can qualify to have access to meetings: A) monthly supply and demand consultation meetings; covering industry expertise and interpersonal advantages in special projects, B) home/abroad travel, business trips and friendship networking at meetings, conferences, etc.
4) Members are sent information based on their S.W.O.T. analysis (Strength; Weakness; Opportunity; Threat). Communication is made in a timely manner through use of our one-stop O2O service (Online-to-Offline).
5) Through the Oversea Club’s official website, WeChat and other non-traditional media channels, member profiles will be updated and placed online, increasing members’ online exposure and influence. Work teams will cater to the needs of member cooperation - with online forums, office seminars.
6) Specialty work includes: translation, foreign language skills training, and community services.

Application Procedure:

Please register by providing a resume and completing the application form.

For more information, please contact: usbank@foxmail.com
Official website: www.overseaclub.com
WeChat: Overseaclub / USBANK

Oversea Club’ divisions:
A Oversea Club’ cultural and academic organizations: overseas financial media, international hedge fund trading & research and development.
B Overseas advisory services: overseas study/internships/employment, immigration, property services, Global online shopping,flights.
C Oversea Club’s Social Networking Platform:Enterprise mailbox, and member activities , “Party Network”.

Oversea Club Language Project:
I: Translation Agency
II: International Language and Culture Training Institute

Overseas Club Position:
Translators, Proofreaders, Lecturer of Foreign Language Training;
Membership manager.


Overseas Club Position:
Translators, Proofreaders, Lecturer of Foreign Language Training; financial managers;PR,HR.
Membership manager.

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