CTO for a brand new startup

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Company Location: New York, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Full-time, Unpaid

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My name is Abdourahamane Barry but I mainly go by my last name Barry. I am currently looking for a CTO so to speak for a startup and to be in it for the long run with me, not just to help me develop the website but to help create an actual company. A little hint of the idea without describing it completely is that its a service that connects co-workers together within their individual store, this will not be a social network like facebook. The differentiating and unique idea is why they are communicating on this site, which I will explain at a later time. At the moment all I can offer is equity in a potentially successful startup, if this might interest you or if you want more info on the idea please message me back. I almost forgot my plan is to apply to be in a accelerator program this summer, the deadlines for most of the summer accelerator programs are in march and april. I think this idea can get us into the accelerator but I need a partner that has a vision for the product to help execute it.


The intern must have:
* Graduated or is no longer in school
* A portfolio of websites they worked on
* Time to devote atleast 5 hours/day to work on the website
* Advanced knowledge of coding skills such as:
-PHP and etc.

How To Apply

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