Computer Engineering Interns

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About the Job
HookLogic Interns have lots of guidance and opportunity to contribute to the Engineering’s mission of building and maintaining our suite of sophisticated marketing products. Engineering Interns must be creative thinkers who can assist the team in designing professional applications using the newest technologies to solve real business problems. We spend our time building new applications and products, implementing new features, optimizing existing code and improving efficiency, stability, and scalability (we’re talking thousands of transactions per second and growing).

Past interns have been hired full-time into Engineering positions and recently an Ann Arbor based student Interned in our NYC office!


About You
You’ll have a strong educational background – a Bachelor/Master degree in CS or other technical/science/math—you’ll use what you learned in your day-to-day work. You’ll be well suited to work in a high-growth company and be able to adjust as new opportunities arise. You’ll be able to speak to your experience working on high-traffic web applications or large scale data problems. You’ll also bring many of the following skills/experiences to our growing engineering team:
1. Currently pursuing at least a BS or equivalent
2. Experience with OOP in C#, Java, or other language(s)
3. Some experience with AWS or other cloud platforms is a plus
4. Experience with distributed computing platforms
5. Excellent problem solving skills
6. Exposure to performance tuning skills and debugging skills is a plus.

About Us
HookLogic was founded in 2004 with the goal of understanding and influencing shopper decisions. We work closely with our growing list of top e-commerce sites providing truly revolutionary products powered by cutting-edge, highly-scalable technology built by people like you. HookLogic is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Ann Arbor, MI and Manchester, UK. We’re a diverse group of talented technologists and business professionals with a passion for retail, automotive, and travel industries. Our benefits are competitive including stock options and a several health care insurance options and more.


Hook Logic Engineering
HookLogic engineering teams work on our core product – they’re developing proprietary software used by some of the world’s largest e-commerce retailers. Engineers work on interesting scalability issues that are literally industry-defining. We grow our teams from within, and many in the engineering team have been promoted…more than once! We look for individuals who continually improve their command of object-oriented languages, frameworks, and distributed computing to ensure they–and the company–stay in the lead. Our systems are built with C#, ASP.NET, RESTful services, jQuery, SQL Server and more.
As a Platform Engineer, you’ll dissect stories to understand the root of the business goals. You’ll use judgment to know when to apply design patterns, when to take short cuts, and how to design for scale.

How To Apply

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