Data Analysis & Operations Intern

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As our intern selection, you would be required to utilize and apply skills from computer science,
data-mining and analysis courses. With an existing base of knowledge, combined with a thirst to
continue to learn, you shall assist with Kalahari Resorts’ corporate endeavors to implement “bigdata” throughout all operations. Daily responsibilities would include:
? Working with our IT department, identify and report on current network framework
? Assist in refining our overall 5-year plan of implementation of “big data” & detailing out
individual milestones
? Research and report on findings of others that have achieved our desired state; along with
successes and challenges along that path
? Research and report on findings of others that have failed to implement “big data”
successfully and why this occurred
? Study and report on potential solutions to assist with achieving the end goal as they relate
to our current network framework
? Help create a case study to justify direction to executives - that it is presented in a clear,
concise, understandable method
? Continually communicate with team with regards to daily findings


A candidate must possess the following:
? Strong communication skills
? Creative big picture understanding while still having attention-to-detail
? Working knowledge of network operational frameworks
? Understanding of system implementation
? Strong analytical, problem solving and logic skills
? Self-motivated
? Passionate about their presented work

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