Data Visualization Internship / Retail & Warehouse Data

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Italo Ceramica
725 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD
Posted: 654 days ago
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Part-time, Unpaid

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I'm introducing a 2-month internship for students who want to get real-life experience into analyzing and optimizing a business by using data and data visualizations to make changes.
To be up front, this is not a paid position - this is a 2-month single-project internship where you will use Tableau to dive into our masses of retail, inventory and operational data, produce a crafted data-driven insight, and learn a heck of a lot about how businesses can (and can't) use data to do clever things.
We're a traditional retailer based in Europe, but we've opened our first showroom and warehouse in Rockville, MD. We use data heavily to define our retail strategy, to measure and track sales and to optimize operations.
Each intern is expected to produce one single visualization including concept, data-analysis and modelling, creative design and development of visualization, and impact analysis. In other words:

• We talk about our business and our data and I give you a list of suggestions of the kinds of insights you might want to focus on. I'll happily welcome your own ideas if you have something else in mind.
• You evaluate the quality, and structure, of our data to perform this analysis in Tableau. You'll be maintaining a live connection to our cloud based data (i.e. no mid-step manual processing in Excel!)
• You work through the data and creative work to produce your planned visualization in Tableau.
• We launch your visualization to the respective audience in the company and provide necessary training. (The visualization will normally be intended for staff as an operational metrics display or an insight report for some managers.)
• Afterwards, we conduct impact analysis on your work - any revenue improvements, cost reductions, time optimizations or other benefits - and you suggest further improvements you would recommend if there was more time available.
• You document your internship and visualization project, and co-publish on our company blog.

Email: with CV/ Phone: 240.400.0269


This is a great opportunity for a college student who wants to gain some practical experience while pursuing their undergraduate degree. The number and timing of work hours is flexible within a typical 9-5 work week. We are looking for an 8 week commitment with a flexible start date and at least a 15 hour time commitment per week. Most work can be done telecommuting, yet you are free to work in the office as desired.

Email: with CV/ Phone: 240.400.0269


• I'm not looking for any specific experience per se, but you should be comfortable working with data. Either fairly advanced Excel competence, or average SQL experience might be a minimum.
• Visualizations are supposed to be more informative than the raw data so creative ability in presenting data is essential.
• You'll be given a license to Tableau Desktop. Before you get a live connection to our Salesforce data, you'll have a fixed snapshot of it you can use to prototype. (All of our sales, inventory, and operational data is stored in a single Salesforce customization).
• As much information about our data and our business processes as you need.
• Meetings whenever you wish to discuss ideas.
• You will be expected to conduct the data analysis, modelling and visualization work yourself - but you have no time limit and we don't fix schedules.

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