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As a engineer intern here, you will be working with our full-time engineers on API design, big data handling, and software robustness on mobile devices. We are providing this position for people who hungers for knowledge and eagers to learn different technologies and practices in the industry.
What You’ll Do
Participate in every part of system design and implementation for different web and mobile apps, and working with our full-time engineers.
What We’re Seeking
• BS level degree in Computer Science or a related field, or equivalent work experience.
• A person who loves technology, is eager to polish his skills, and has strong basics of data structure, system design, programming disciplines, design patterns, algorithms.
• Knowledge or experience in the web/mobile stack: sockets, TCP/IP/http, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, database, dynamic programming languages.


Absolute Requirement
To show your qualification, you must have code samples or open source projects online. Your public repo account such as github or bitbucket, or your technical blog would be most desirable.

How To Apply

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