GoRaise.org Application Developer Internship

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Chicago, IL
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 4 Part-time, Unpaid

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Who is goraise.org?
goraise.org is a nonprofit organization providing individuals with innovative technology to help them combine their fitness goals with philanthropic fundraising.

Why go raise.org?
goraise.org helps you stay motivated to achieve fitness goals while
raising money for your favorite cause or charity. It’s win-win.

How does go raise.org work?
goraise.org is a technology app for individuals and teams to
track and challenge their fitness and fundraising goals.

This is NOT your typical internship. No getting coffee for your bosses, no mindless busy work. This is an opportunity to work with some of the best minds in your field, all while honing your craft actively contributing to GoRaise. While this is an unpaid position, there are considerable benefits associated with this position.


As an intern, you will have many responsibilities, including:
• Read and understand descriptions of system behavior from a user's perspective called User Stories.
• Follow component architectural instructions provided by a system architect.
• Work with others to identify tasks necessary to deliver component modifications that collectively realize a User Story.
• Author new source code for new components and component modifications.
• Modify existing source code to correct and/or add new capabilities to existing components.
• Alert others to potential problems and risks and be vocal about assumptions that drive decisions.
• Get work done in a timely manner reporting progress by a divide-and-conquer strategy. e.g. "I'm done with 3 out of my 5 tasks identified for this User Story."
• Learn and practice good coding hygiene like adding assertions and unit tests, being intentional, etc.
• Commit source code to a version control system for review.
• Test all features affected by components that have been modified by one's work.
• Assist in public deployment of new components, including diagnosing and fixing defects that might occur.
• Be able to communicate within 24 hours any urgent need for assistance to help resolve any public-facing issues suspected to have resulted from any recent deployment. We will typically try to avoid deployment during final exams week.


What GoRaise is looking for in an intern:
• Be able to work at least 4 hours/week (minimal time required to meet each month)
• Possess excellent written and oral communication skills
• One semester completed in Java, C, Python or similar programming language earning at least a B.
• One semester completed in a Database course earning at least a B.
• Basic experience using a GNU/Linux or Mac OS/X shell, e.g. the bash shell, to execute commands.
• Basic understanding of Python, SQL, HTTP, CSS, and Javascript.
• Possess the ability to explain object-oriented architecture.
• Have a desire to help public charities.
• Include a letter of recommendation from a teacher or former boss highlighting your work ethic.

How To Apply

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