Cloud-Based PHP 5.5 Development

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Company Location: Medfield, MA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Part-time, Paid

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NamePros is in need of talent to help expand its cloud infrastructure and applications. Our online community of domain name investors is growing, and to keep up, we need to develop newer and better web applications.

We use a wide array of technologies, including:

* Web Frontend: HTML 5/XHTML 1.1, CSS 3, JavaScript, ajax, jQuery
* Web Backend: PHP 5.5.x (object-oriented), including Zend Framework
* XenForo
* Nginx + PHP-FPM
* Ubuntu 13.10, including bash, cloud-init, and upstart
* Docker (
* Cloud-based virtualization, networking, and load balancing using Amazon Web Services and CloudFlare
* Databases: MySQL 5.6.x (InnoDB), MongoDB, DynamoDB
* Project Management: git and issue tracking via GitHub (, custom continuous integration (CI)
* Basic networking (CIDR, ACLs, etc.)
* Credit card processing

Compensation is hourly and based on level of expertise. Strong candidates may receive an opportunity for permanent work. Both part-time and full-time positions are available. Must be able to work from home, but in-person collaboration may be an option for candidates in the Massachusetts area.

Like any company, we can only compensate you based on the amount that you are able to contribute. Feel free to apply if your experience is minimal, but keep in mind that it costs us time and money to train developers, so we won't necessarily be able to pay you for your time at first.


* Now is your chance to practice applying for professional jobs. Pretend you're submitting a resume for an entry-level position.
* Do have any object-oriented PHP experience? That's the one big must-have, even if it's not extensive.
* Double-check your resume and cover letter. Spelling, capitalization, grammar, vernacular, and consistency all matter. Companies aren't likely to pay attention to resumes that even have minor mistakes.
* Double-check the spoken language of your resume/CV. The more talented you are with language, the more likely you are to confuse words and jargon. French in particular replaces more common English terms with its own; potential employers won't often take the time to Google abbreviations that they don't recognize.
* The styling of technology names, such as MySQL, is very important. If you say that you have experience with MYSQL or My SQL instead of MySQL, whoever is reading your resume will take that as a sign that your experience is minimal, at best.
* Remove items from your resume that aren't relevant to the position for which you're applying. Potential employers don't like to receive generic resumes that are designed to be used for a wide variety of positions. Look like you care about the technologies that are relevant.


Preferred Experience:

* Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
* PHP, (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript
* Linux administration over SSH, without a desktop interface
* Simple virtual machines

Bonus Experience:

* Regular expressions and related tools, such as grep
* Domain name industry, DNS
* Debian-derived distributions (like Ubuntu)
* Linux-based asynchronous web server (Nginx, Lighttpd)
* Familiarity with open source software and related communities
* bash, Python, Java, C#
* Microsoft development
* Server virtualization, particularly with XenServer/EC2
* RESTful APIs

How To Apply

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