Programmer 2 CTO to Lead International Dating Site VIRTUAL Intern New York / NON STUDENTS OK!

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Re: WEBMASTER / WEB PROGRAMMER INTERNSHIP (depending on your aptitude and experience we have TWO projects to get involved in, both with UPSIDES as we are a startup!)

1) Global Marriage Market, 2) Real Estate Transactional Platform

Thank you for your interest:). You could be a great candidate and we would like to understand your goals and abilities better. A successful intern will be Improving and maintaining the Web Site, while coordinating with the Social Network / Marketing Specialist and working directly with the founder.

Below please find more information about the INTERNSHIP and EASY STEPS TO GET IT:
ABOUT THE PROJECT: MarriageMarket is The ONE place to find our LifeMate in this Lonely Universe. See in which states or countries you can find the BEST match for Your Criteria: :) Whether you value model looks, weight, age, height, education, religion, net worth, income, bra size, citizenship, lifestyle or Noble bloodline.

Please check out & LIKE our Facebook page. This will give you more info on what we are creating:
A successful intern will be Improving and maintaining the Web Site, while coordinating with the Social Network / Marketing Specialist and working directly with the founder.
A SUCCESSFUL Intern will be offered a PAID JOB after completion for a trial period which is 6 months and meeting the membership GOAL of 10,000 general users with at least 500 paying users. Profit Sharing and other Benefits as well as Work Visa may be an option for OUTSTANDING team members =).
HERE ARE SOME OF YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES (with a freedom to achieve them)
• MAIN GOAL: 10,000 site users
• Updating content on the web page, fixing bugs, issues
• Search Engine Optimization
• Coordinating with Social Network Manager to build a functional and popular site.
o Creating / Coordinating a Mobile Site Version
IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO OBTAIN THIS INTERNSHIP, please answer these few questions:
1) What goals are you personally looking to achieve through an VIRTUAL, (LONG DISTANCE), with very little compensation, internship with a Dating Site? =)
2) What past experience do you have programming web sites?
3) How much time a week can you devote to the project?
4) What would be your steps in improving the Social Network integration in the web site?
5) What else is important to you? What can we do to make this a great experience for you?

Excited to hear from you,

MM Founder, Anya (many years ago I was a Foreign Student from Russia in USA)
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Why you should work here
• Opportunity to join at ground level & be part of a growing company!
• Work with a YOUNG Founder and CEO that speaks your language and cares about your success personally and professionally
• Opportunity to experience the startup world and gain the invaluable real biz experience
• Great Title and Work Description + References for future career opportunities IF we do not go into biz together AFTER your internship
• Experience the fun SE Florida Beach and Party Lifestyle (in the after hours, LOL)
• Be a leader with significant responsibility in a tech startup company, with opportunity to grow as the company grows both in new ventures and scope of responsibility.
• This is an unpaid internship with opportunity to grow into a paid role as the startup grows.
• WORK VISAs would be offered to successful interns (after the first 8 months)
• We support you in application of college credit.


Essential skills & Experience

• Working Programming Skills with PHP / Other Code Language compatible with
• Must have strong development skills and the ability to maintain projects to completion
• Must have ability to design web-based applications.
• Can work in a fast phase environment
• Attention to quality and precision
• Strong analytical and problem solving skills with attention to detail is required.
• Superior verbal/written skills and communications skills.
• Solution Mindset, Team-Player
• Proven track record to work independently & ability to consistently deliver high quality work
• Some design experience or the ability to work within an existing design

How To Apply

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