Programmer Virtual Internship at small Quantitative Hedge Fund

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Elle Investments
Company Location: Houston, TX
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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Elle Investments is a nascent, small, quantitative hedge fund based in Houston, Texas that applies a variety of strategies to investing and trading in the stock market. The firm is a start-up but the partners have several years of experience with large established firms in NY and are now intent on building their own infrastructure and track record before raising funds from outside investors.

We are seeking a computer programmer intern to assist us in the implementation and development of our database systems and software for strategy analysis, data acquisition, trading execution, reporting software.

The ideal candidate is completing a graduate or undergraduate program in computer science or MIS at a US university and is eager to get a head-start by participating in the development of real-life applications in the fields of Accounting & Finance. This opportunity is intended for a programmer who is particularly interested in developing knowledge and experience to pursue a career in the finance industry.

This is a virtual internship and a substantial time commitment is required. Pay particular attention to the requirements and to the application steps detailed below.


To apply you must complete and return the questionnaire/quiz located at
Email the completed quiz along with your resume and a short cover letter to

Emphasize your computer skills and any projects you have participated in.


Skills required:
- Complete familiarity with Windows and/or Mac OS;
- Java, JavaFX, GUI of stand-alone applications
- Excel & VBA

Skills desired:(as many as possible of the following):
-- programming with .NET or .COM
- previous experience with trading platforms by Interactive Brokers, TD Ameritrade,…
- experience with APIs
- Internet and Network infrastructure
- understanding of some of the more popular cloud technologies
- Matlab, R
- UNIX and open-source projects
- Web development html, php, css ...
- some knowledge of accounting, investing, finance a +

How To Apply

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