Quantitative Trading

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Cambridge Asset Management
Company Location: Brooklyn, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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I am a seasoned professional trader with over 15 years of Wall St. experience. At one point I founded and ran a trading firm that grew to over 100 traders. I recently started a hedge fund with a small amount of seed money. It is no longer necessary to have human traders. Instead, the idea is to create a "black box" fund. The fund would create and deploy strategies with desktop applications that we create that interact via API with the brokerage platforms (in my case, Interactive Brokers). Trades will be performed automatically and instantaneously based on our algorithms. As each strategy is deployed, it will be tested in real time and scaled according to its success rate. Ultimately the idea is to have a number of core strategies that can return some Alpha to our clients. I have the wherewithal, at the right time, to expand the fund exponentially. My contacts in the business will allow me to get to 25M-50M AUM fairly quickly, as long as we have the performance to excite. I am looking for either 1 or 2 individuals who can contribute to performing the necessary programming and to building the models. There is no salary for this job but significant sweat equity is available. This is an opportunity for an entrepreneurial minded individual who would like to become a partner in a hedge fund. If you have strong computer science or mathematical skills or both than you have the potential to make good money. It is an extra plus if you already understand the market, especially options.

If you want me to take your response to this internship seriously please do NOT send a standard cover letter. Rather detail for me why you would be the ideal candidate for this position.


Strong skills required in programming, analytics, research and documentation. Familiarity with capital markets and , statistics strongly recommended.

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