Seeking IT Developers for full time internship

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Multivision Inc
10565 Fairfax Blvd Ste# 301
Fairfax, VA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 30 Full-time, Paid

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We are an IT consulting firm located in the Washington, DC, area in search of talented software developers for multiple job openings around the country. You will work on a software development team creating programs for some of the country’s largest companies and government agencies using the latest cutting edge technologies.

Software developers will not only become masters of object oriented programming but also the related technologies most in-demand in the industry today. This position will challenge your ability to start your career as a professional software developer.

Hiring Process
If you are planning to pursue a career as a software developer, this is the time to start. For those who meet the minimum requirements:
• You will be contacted by a recruiter to set up for a technical phone (or in-person if you’re local) interview.
• You’ll receive some materials to study prior to your technical interview that covers specifically what we are expecting potential new hires to know at a minimum. It is highly advisable to study the materials before your interview.
• After passing the first technical screen, you will be made a preliminary offer effective once you have graduated. If we feel you have potential but may need to study the material more, we’ll schedule a second interview.
• Upon graduation, we’ll make arrangements for you to come to the Washington, DC, metro area to complete the paid training.
• After completing the training, you’ll be assigned to a project as part of a software development team anywhere from junior to mid-level, depending on your competency level after completing the training.
Please note that we interview hundreds of students across the country and only select the individuals we feel have a strong passion for programming, have an innate ability to understand complex structures and are relentless problem-solvers.

In addition to the above requirements, here are some other desirables we look for on resumes:
• Completion of IT-related internships.
• Online portfolio of object-oriented computer programs that you’ve written and technologies you’ve used.
• Active member in an IT-related organization, club/association.
• Programming-related certifications.


We also provide employment-based training. This is full-time, in office employed-based training.
• As a part of our hiring process, we provide our employees with professional level skill sets and the tools to succeed as professional software developers.
• We provide you with shared housing accommodations to complete your training in the Washington, DC metro area.
• Our training is a rigorous 8 to 10 weeks, 40 hours in-office per week.
• You'll be provided a mentor to assist you with technical questions once you are placed on your project.
• You will receive the industry-standard Oracle or Microsoft certifications; we pay for them up to Enterprise level.
• This is for full-time W2 employment with benefits and starting with 18 days of vacation.


• Programming experience in any Object Oriented Programing Language (i.e. C++, C#, Java, .NET, etc.).
• Must have basic understanding on SQL.
• Basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
• Strong problem-solving skills and ability to comprehend complex programming and data structures.
• Team player, self-motivated and eager to learn; must be able to work and contribute to a group.
• Strong passion to learn new technologies is highly desirable.
• Bachelor’s Degree in IT/STEM-related field (preferred).

How To Apply

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