Awesome Start Up Experience for Web & Mobile Software Developers w/ growing Social Radio App

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RadioFlag offers 4 month, 6 month, and 1 year mentorships.

You can read the following or simply check out our intern program deck:
For efficiency purposes make sure to send your resume DIRECTLY to us .

RadioFlag Startup experience-
Since recruiting interns over the last few years, many at RadioFlag have excelled by maximizing this opportunity, and been selected to remain as official team members. Some have even been elevated to management positions, in roles as high as 'Director' status. Interns who have remained with us, are responsible for much of the success we have achieved to date, from concept to launch to significant market adoption to international expansion to securing patents. Those select individuals who have joined us along the way have earned equity, and have witnessed industry valuations of their equity position, more than triple since then. They have created something they can call their own! These equity opportunities are still available, however they are limited to applicants who are very motivated - goal oriented self starters, willing to listen, learn, follow direction and ultimately succeed as a team player. The skills and tools gained from working with us, have helped engineers become more successful in their endeavors, both scholastically & professionally. While working with us many have been recruited by well known companies like Amazon, Microsoft, & Google, to name a few. Even so, most of them have chosen to stay on working with RadioFlag, at least part time. So, if you're interested in increasing your market attractibility with leading tech firms, this has been a proven way to do it. Furthermore if you have an entrepreneur mindset, with an eye on the 'Bigger Vision', that dream is most definitely alive here too.

Currently we are offering:
Internships / mentorships for CS students and grads. There will be every possibility for selected intern candidates to obtain equity shares in RadioFlag Inc., based on what they bring to the table. You will have the opportunity to create your own value based on your production, skill growth, and positive synergy with our established team. Seasoned engineers who have maintained a flexible entrepreneurial mindset, and are looking to get involved in a meaningful project with a talented and dynamic team, feel free to reach out as well. We do believe that ALL candidates (including interns) that work successfully with us, deserve equity shares in the company they help build.

We are seeking:
Web Developers and /or Engineers who are looking to advance, sharpen, and take their skills on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows 7 platforms to the next level.


Things Worth Mentioning:
-Software Programmers who do qualify will be offered an experience of a life time, to participate in a legit tech start up, with seasoned and successful team members, who have led these processes before and obtained VC funding in Silicon Valley on a previous venture.
-This is an opportunity for diligent, self-driven, and talented
software engineers, to become part of the founding tech team of a quickly emerging start up, and to receive equity ownership, after their successful intern trial period.
- If you don't have all the above requirements don't be discouraged easily . We are looking for developers w/ a certain mindset as well. If you have strong objective oriented programming skills, & believe in your ability to do what it takes to learn quickly, then our doors are open to you.

Quick Facts:
-RadioFlag's founding team includes a collection of former college radio DJs, a forward thinking and talented team of software engineers, and current radio network broadcast professionals.
-Endorsing the company's concept is a popular current - on air Los Angeles radio and television personality - and one of the most decorated broadcasters in Los Angeles sports-casting history, who has been honored with four Emmy awards and ten Golden Mike Awards .
-Celeb endorsers TBA after signing our NDA; confidentiality agreement
-Soft Launch was April 2011 on the Campus of UCI.-- Nationally Launched Version 1.0 on October 2011, as the official College Radio Day App.
- Currently we are in the midst of a TOTAL re-design in creating RadioFlag Version 2.0 , in which new team mates will have the opportunity to take full or partial ownership in the design and implementation of our best design concept to date.

The RadioFlag Environment
-Good vibes! Friendly, focused, energetic environment
-Work space opens up to large lounge deck w/ fresh ocean air access & expansive harbor views.
-Open kitchen w/ access to healthy delicious food /snacks/beverages
-Gourmet breakfast & lunch every Saturday meet-up
-Free morning Yoga w/ our in-house certified Yoga Works instructor
-Ongoing mentoring support w/ our founder & co-founding team.

Learn More:
About RadioFlag
App Description
Mission / Vision Statement
Who Does RadioFlag Serve?
What Makes RadioFlag Unique
On-Air DJ Shoutouts
'Got Airplay?' initiative for Artists.
RadioFlag's Blog .

Kindly send a brief cover, along with a current resume. We will arrange a preliminary non technical phone chat with you, before an in person technical interview is requested.


Non-Technical Requirements (ALL Candidates):
-Possess responsive & timely communication skills.
-Have the will & passion to pickup a white hot technology quickly.
-Excellent problem solving skills
-Ability to work collaboratively and independently, as the project requires
-Strong sense of ownership and pride, & a drive to exceed expectations
-Must be able to attend team meetups twice/month on Saturdays ( the rest of the time you will be ----Required to communicate remotely w/ your team at scheduled times)
-Create documentation and reports for code you produce
-Play an integral role in maintaining and improving performance
-Must enjoy music

Technical Requirements (ALL candidates):
-Working towards a B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science, or equivalent independent study or work experience.
-Strong programming skills.
-Understanding of Object-Oriented Programming.
-Firm understanding in CS fundamentals - data structures and algorithm design; trees, arrays, queues, and stacks.
-Proficiency in at least one: C, C++, C#, or Java.

(Preview the PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS to follow, for the platform you have interest in)

WEB Qualifications (preferred):
-Good foundation in HTML/HTML5, JavaScript and CSS/CSS 3
-Experience building web services with GAE (Google App Engine)
-Experience with Google Closure or similar Javascript MVC frameworks
- Experience with interfacing with databases
- Development experience with web authorizing tools
-Experience with Python
-Familiarity with PHP, MySQL, AJAX or jQuery
-Strong intuition for UX and UI Design
- Strong self-starter with self-management skills
- Ability to organize and manage multiple priorities

iPhone Qualifications (preferred):
-Good understanding of iPhone SDK
-Objective-C. Experience working in Xcode.
-Experience developing iPad applications
-Model View Controller -- (this design pattern is used everywhere in iOS/iPhone development)
-Previous published Apps is a plus w/ samples of your work
-Preferred Android Qualifications:
-Good understanding of Android SDK
-Experience using Android tools (adb, Monkey, DDMS, etc) and Eclipse IDE
-Familiarity Android application components and widgets
-Experience developing Tablet applications
-Previous published Apps is a plus w/ samples of your work

Windows 7 Qualifications (preferred) :
-Experience developing Windows 7 mobile or desktop applications
-Proficiency using Visual Studio
-Experience developing Tablet applications
-HTML5 is a plus
-Previous published Apps is a plus w/ samples of your work

BlackBerry Qualifications (preferred):
-Familiarity with BlackBerry SDK and Java ME
-Experience using Eclipse IDE
-Experience using BlackBerry Push Service is a plus
-Previous published Apps is a plus w/ samples of your work

Extra Pluses:
-Published Apps under your belt
-Experience w/ programs used to create streaming audio players

How To Apply

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