Tech Startup seeking Front-end Software Engineer/Web application Developer

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KrowdByz is a web technology startup working to revolutionize the future of online business interactions, and creating virtual tools for the internet based freelancer community. Our customers are small businesses, internet professionals, and independent freelancers who work in the online services marketplace - one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. Our current product is a new kind of profile building engine for freelancers that do “micro-jobs” (think Fiverr and Elance), and need a different type of “web resume” to record their job history. (You can learn more about the company at

We are currently looking for interns for the Spring semester, but reviewing applications for the Summer as well. Acceptances are on a rolling basis - you can start when you are ready - and continue for a 12 active weeks commitment.

As a startup, we subscribe to the decentralised lean development model, so our Tech and Business departments and associated personnel are spread across multiple cities and time zones. There is no central office - the bulk of our creative process happens in virtual collaborative environments - which allows us greater flexibility in recruiting talent, and working across geographic locations. Therefore, our Tech Department hosts a virtual internship that can be done from anywhere in the US, or anywhere in the world (and we welcome international applicants). This is not an internship for people who aren’t independently motivated or are looking for a traditional office workplace (or a way to get a work visa).

This program requires participants to be serious about taking initiative, staying in contact, being willing to learn from and take critical feedback from their teammates, as well as be able to work with multiple partners (in locations around the world) within a virtual office space. There will be no fake work, no copies or coffee getting. You will get to work on real projects, work with a team, be creative, get mentorship, learn fast or miss out, and have your skills challenged and improved. And if you earn our respect through your dedication (and not just your skills) - there will be multiple supervisors to provide you with letters of recommendation and serve as a long term reference.

Disclaimer: Given vacancies in our Tech Department, and budget availability, at the end of the internship the best interns may be offered full time and part time positions with the company. Truly exceptional individuals may be approached sooner, or be offered paid internships. But participation in the internship itself does not guarantee placement in the Company.


- This program is for individuals from computer science, computer engineer or design majors with excellent logical, creative, and problem solving skills who are looking to be challenged, and have their skills be tested in a fast paced, international, collaborative environment.
- You will assist the Tech and Design Teams in programming and beta testing functions and interfaces, as well as perfecting UX and UI for our product. You will see how a tech product goes from concept to realization, and be a part of a team that is working to redefine the future of online business interactions.
- We use an Agile methodology, so developers and designers assume multiple roles through the product cycle, and get to see and help with all parts of the product.
- Include a list of your technical knowledge, development experience (coursework etc), and degree of proficiency: for HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, CGI/Perl, ASP, Ruby, Python, C/C++, Java, and design software. (Experience with mobile app development, and social media integration are a big plus).
- The current project uses JS, HTML5, jQuery, AJAX and Angular (with PHP and MySQL in the back end). Experience with any of these technologies are a big plus, and should be mentioned. But a good developer is a good learner, and can learn them up on the job. As a start up, we look for motivation to grow and be challenged, not just specialised experience.
- To proceed to final interview, all applicants will be required to try completing the DEV test assignment that can be found at - so we can get a sense of your skills. But you can also specify that you are more design specialised.


Applicants must have:
- A comprehensive resume detailing previous applicable experience (you can also add a cover letter to fill in gaps).
- A knowledge of using Gdocs and social media. (A Gmail account will be useful.)
- Your hours will be flexible, but we expect a minimum 10-15 hours a week time commitment to qualify as an “active” week (with breaks for finals, family, etc.). The internship is successfully completed after logging in 12 active weeks.

You can speed up the application process taking one of the skill based tests at and following the instructions there. You can also email us directly by sending your resume to (remember to start your email’s subject with the skill track you are interested in).

How To Apply

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