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SSO Easy is the world's fastest growing Security and Single Sign On technology company in the world.

The company intends to revamp its public website, to keep pace with the accelerating growth of the SSO Easy brand in the worldwide marketplace, and with the staggering growth of the company.

SSO Easy is seeking one or more interns who are well-versed in WordPress, to create web site templates which will ultimately create a new website user experience, and an updated website look and feel.


* Receive instruction and direction from SSO Easy Senior Management in terms of the vision and goals associated with the future website for the company.
* Receive sample websites, to be used as guides, which represent the desired future user experience, and the desired look and feel of the future website for the company.
* Work to identify and leverage appropriate available WordPress templates, to create prototypes for the future website design for the company.
* Work closely with SSO Easy Senior Management to edit and refine the website prototypes which are created, to work toward finalizing the design for the future website for the company.
* (Optionally, as a follow on phase of Internship work): Work to develop the new website for the company, based on the final website design, based on WordPress.


* Strong education and/or work background in computers, and in using website design and development tools.
* Majors in the following are preferred, but not required: Computer Science, Computer Website Design, Software Development, WordPress Web Design and/or Development, Graphic Design.
* WordPress knowledge and familiarity.
* Knowledge and familiarity in working to design and development websites.
* Ability to receive direction from SSO Easy Senior Management in terms of what the company desires in terms of future user experience on the company's website.
* Sample websites will be provided to the Intern(s), to be used as guides in terms of what SSO Easy is looking for in its future website.

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