Computer Science and Deep Learning Intern (Vision)

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1 St Francis Pl
San Francisco, CA
Posted: September 05 2016
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Full-time, Paid

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Giving machine human-like vision is an unsurprisingly difficult task. Aipoly was born out of Kurzweil's Singularity University to bring real-time vision AI to mobile devices. Our work helps blind people see, makes phones contextually aware, turns any IoT device into a perceiving entity, and sets a new standard for intelligent assistants. We are a team of socially minded engineers and entrepreneurs with serious technical ambitions.

Meet the founders, get an idea of culture: We had a documentary shot in our very early days at CES


- CES Best of Innovation award 2017
- Nominet 100 2017
- Singularity University Global Grand Challenge Award - Prosperity 2016
- 3x Tech23 Awards (most prestigious startup competition in Australia)
- CTA Challenge
- Anthill Smart 100 2016 (number 1, most innovative company out of Australia)
- Social Impact Award by the President of Italy
- IT Invention Test 2015

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You will work on the creation of convolutional neural networks using state-of-the-art architectures to ensure low power usage, and high speeds. Your work will be used by millions of people and push the boundaries of AI. You will help over 100,000 blind people navigate their surroundings and identify objects with their mobile phones, bring advanced computer vision to IoT devices and wearables, and give mobile phones a visual understanding of the physical world like never before.
Your team will be pushing the limits of what smartphones can do using deep learning. You will be working alongside talented engineers and interact directly with the founders on a daily basis.


You will be working alongside the CTO on the implementation of deep learning algorithms on mobile phones and other small hardware. You will also be experimenting with different architectures and datasets to achieve better performances on running convents to interpret the physical world.
You will conduct experiments to improve the recognition capabilities of AI in real-time from a handheld camera, with the ultimate goal of achieving human-level performance.
You will be interacting with mobile developers, or if applicable working on mobile apps powered by deep learning. You will be working in San Francisco, with the possibility of working remotely for 1 day a week if you happen to live far away. You will be one of the first employees and have a unique position within the company.


You have expansive experience in deep learning.
Preferably an undergraduate degree in computer science, math, or physics, and or Masters degree in data science or CS with a strong focus on machine learning. Ideally, you are a PhD student or PhD dropout and want to work on deep learning projects with commercial viability and large-scale impact.

You are very familiar with the state of the art in machine learning and are comfortable with keeping up to date with research by reading papers on a weekly, if not daily basis. You have previous work experience as a developer or data scientist and a passion for deep learning for computer vision in particular. You have experience with convnets from work, school, or in your free time, and have a good understanding of the limitations of today's frameworks, datasets, and hardware. You have very good oral and written English skills and have a discerning taste in where you would like to work. You have ideally looked at other positions in reputable companies before choosing to apply with us. You would like to pursue a career as a deep learning engineer making groundbreaking work and solving very hard problems capable of impacting hundreds of millions of people, and like to surround yourself with individuals with similar goals and ambition. Email your CV and cover letter to or reply to this ad.


Required - Python, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Networks
Preferred - SWIFT, CUDA, Java, Lua

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