Incarcerated Voices Internship

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The Freeform Radio Initiative
Company Location: Green Cove Springs, FL
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Part-time, Unpaid

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Today, imprisonment and incarceration have become a fundamental component of popular culture. The voices of prisoners today are being commandeered by corporate media. National Geographic and MSNBC, among others, have decided that American prisons are fascinating. Even TV chef Gordon Ramsay released a new reality show in which he teaches prisoners how to cook. Incarcerated Voices provides prisoners an unfiltered voice that examines the reality of the American penal system.

Incarcerated Voices is an exploration into the circumstances and conditions of incarceration through the eyes, ears, and hearts of prisoners. We seek to foster insight into the prisoner's responses to broaden the general public's understanding of the prison population today. The intent is to give a voice to the voiceless.

The goals of the internship are to listen to and respect the stories and thus the dignity of persons who are incarcerated as well as others impacted by the penal system; to reflect on the spiritual journeys and realities of prisoners, victims, family members of victims and prisoners, and corrections officials; to examine our own attitudes toward those who are incarcerated as well as those victimized by crime; and to examine correctional treatment and its efficacy, as well as problems and programs pertinent to special populations.


The internship primarily will focus on analyzing prisoner contributions to the project. This once in a lifetime project provides an opportunity to get in to the thoughts and prospectives of this nation's incarcerated.

Duties for this internship are:
- Reading and analyzing submissions sent to us by our incarcerated contributors.
- Broadcast preparation.
- Light research, writing, and administrative tasks.


- Strong writing and analytical skills;
- Calm and cool exterior;
- Excellent time management skills;
- Interest in criminal justice, criminology, and/or penology; and
- Computer/internet savvy.

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