Internship Program in Criminal Justice, Juvenile Justice, Anti-corruption Policy

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Ministry of Justice of Georgia (MOJ) is pleased to announce an internship program for international undergraduate and graduate students. Interns will have a unique opportunity to gain hands on experience in wide variety of areas, among them criminal justice, juvenile justice, fight against corruption, fast and efficient service delivery; meet various governmental and non-governmental agency representatives, participate in conferences, presentations, as well as Council sessions. Interns will learn from the experiences of fast developing country in the process of justice sector reforms - that has shown incredible success in fight against corruption and crime in general, introducing and implementing innovative approaches to public service and making best possible use of modern technologies to ensure transparency, constant innovation, efficiency and excellence in civil service.

POSITION TITLE: Intern at the Analytical Department of MOJ
REPORTS TO: Senior Legal Advisor/Head of the Unit
SALARY: Unpaid, home stay with MOJ employees can be provided if desired candidates are strongly encouraged to seek funding/fellowships for this announcement on their own. However, limited partial funding might be available to cover accommodation or travel costs.
HOURS: Flexible hours, immediate start, summer (4 to 8 weeks), single semester and full-year terms (academic or calendar year) available
MINIMUM EDUCATION REQUIREMENT: Bachelor’s degree preferred; accepting resumes from undergraduate students with at least two years of undergraduate studies completed.
DEADLINE: Open until filled, for summer internships, candidates are encouraged to apply as early as possible to allow sufficient time for necessary arrangements. Deadline for summer internships is June 15, 2012.
ADVANTAGES: Work with professionals who designed and implemented successful justice sector reforms; gain understanding of justice policymaking and setting up new systems and programs; meet the high level officials in the justice sector; observe innovative corporate management systems and strategies, learn by doing.
OFFICE ENVIRONMENT: MOJ offers excellent office environment, brand new building with modern technologies and comfortable office space, friendly staff, cafeteria and much more.

NOTE : INTERNSHIPS ARE OFFERED IN OTHER DIFFERENT AREAS AS WELL: Marketing, IT, HR, Human Rights, Legal Drafting, Project Management and other areas.

For more information please contact Ms. Rusudan Mikhelidze via e-mail: or cell 857 919 5214


- Conduct research and comparative analysis on legislation, policies, and practices in criminal justice, juvenile justice, fight against corruption, justice sector reforms and other related areas.
- Assist in producing reports with data analysis, graphics and narratives.
- Perform literature research/reviews using all available research methods, and summarize findings.
- Assist in elaboration, editing of various material produced and published by MOJ including newsletters, brochures, power point presentations for varied audiences, including line staff, mid-level managers, executives, and policy makers.
- Participate in conferences, forums, and meetings with high-ranking government officials, policymakers, researchers, and national experts.

Internship involves significant level of responsibility and opportunity for growth to an individual seeking to begin or advance a career in criminal justice, juvenile justice, as well as public policy.


Required Education

Bachelor’s degree in public policy, criminal justice, social sciences, international law and any other related field. Also accepting resumes from undergraduate students with at least two years of completed studies. Preferences will be given to candidates with knowledge and experience in research, justice policy and administration.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

- Strong writing, analytical, and critical thinking skills
- Experience with statistics/quantitative data analysis using SPSS or STATA (preferred, not required)
- Familiarity with current criminal justice research, organizational development and public policy initiatives desired
- Proficient skills using Microsoft Office Products: Word, Excel, Power Point
- Motivated and independent thinker
- High standards for work quality
- Good communication skills, both in-person and virtually, in a professional and collaborative manner
- Ability to present to large and diverse groups of professionals
- Ability to coordinate and respond to multiple priorities with tight deadlines
- Ability to learn from mistakes and engage in positive change
- Ability to work independently and efficiently, and excellent writing and analytic skills.

How To Apply

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