Young Adult Internship Program

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MISSION: To invite college and high school students into the Court who are currently in good academic standing that are interested in the legal profession. The internship program is designed to help them learn more about the specific career disciplines in the Court, including the roles of the Judge, Clerk of Court, Probation Officer, Bailiff, Magistrate, and Deputy Clerks. STUDENT MUST BE ELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE SCHOOL CREDIT FOR INTERNSHIP

VISION: To provide interns with well-rounded and practical exposure to the judicial field by allowing them access to professionals in the criminal justice system.

PURPOSE: To help student interns earn college credit(s) and/or fulfill high school project/community service requirements. This program will also serve to be a contribution to the surrounding community.


OBJECTIVES: 1) determine intern eligibility in program 2) assist in night court and learn to prepare dockets 3) perform evaluations/recommendations 4) to input and edit forms into the court’s system for eventual use on a daily basis 5) obtain Legal research knowledge 6) Other duties as presented 7) To work with probabtion department to interview probationers.


High School or College student in Good Academic standing (2.8 GPA or higher)
Experience in community service and volunteerism
Profcient in Microsoft Word, Excel
Positive Attitude
Available 10-15 hours per week. (Flexible under certain circumstances)

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