Culinary Arts/ Chef/ Baking/ Nutritionist - Recipe Writer Intern (Virtual)

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GamerFitNation Inc. ( is a brand for gamers of all ages who want to gain greater control over their physical, psychological and emotional lives. We provide gamers information geared towards bettering their lives through health, nutrition, video games and fitness. We also offer information on gaming news, lifestyle, video game technology and more.

Please note this is a non-paid virtual internship. As such you should have access to a computer, internet, email and/or Skype.

We are seeking Culinary Arts/ Chef/ Baking/ Nutritionist Interns that are very talented with a go-getter attitude. This intern must be self-motivated with the ability to create original healthy and delicious recipes that are creative and appetizing to be published on our website, without the need for constant micro-management and timing reminders.

We want to share your recipes with the world and this is the best place to do so!


- You’ll be required to post a minimum of one recipe per week which will be published on the company website, Your recipes should be health conscience and easy for our viewers to follow, prepare and include pictures and caloric intake. Please note recipes must be completely original; any act of plagiarism will not be tolerated.
- Self promote through many social media outlets


- Provide links to social networking profiles to demonstrate interest and knowledge
- Students majoring in Culinary Arts and Nutrition are a plus.

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