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Since its creation in 2005, Margot & Camille Optique has been focusing on design and the overall experience of high-end retail. By projecting an image that reflects a sharp sense of design and an "Art de Vivre", our clientele proudly became our best brand advocate.
In 2012, we started to retail our private label collection which was largely received by our existing and new customers, not only for its craftsmanship but for the message the name "Margot & Camille" conveys.
In 2014, we have chosen to work on our fine, "Hand Made in France" collection of eyewear for men and women.

We are branding our name in harmony with our retail reputation by creating a brand that will reflect all what we believe in: Beauty & Self-confidence.

We are offering year round internships to candidates who are looking to be part of a new venture and see the unknown as endless possibilities.

If you are an open-minded team player, articulated, able to multitask, follow many ideas and are able to organize priorities for a project to become reality, this internship will expand your viewpoint on design and branding. Must have a love for design as much as words.


You will be given a full project and be responsible to organize yourself to have it accomplished by the end of the internship
You will be responsible to track your hours and report at the end of the day on the tasks achieved
You will be responsible to provide a report to your professors

It is your responsibility to ensure that Margot & Camille Optique's office manager is in communication with your professor for mid term and end of internship evaluation.


Managing Margot & Camille’s brand is an ongoing process that needs dedicated resources and clearly allocated responsibility. We will help by providing you with a brand handbook that sets out the steps to follow in a simple and clear fashion. We also recommend that research (either dedicated to branding or as part of the general research) be used to measure adherence to the brand promise and monitor any changes in the needs of customers at regular intervals.

• Must be able to search the essential information to start the process of creating a value proposition

• Must have a sense of analysis

• Must have a sense for effective and dynamic brand management

• Ability to research in order to define a clear message to establish the strengths

• Ability to built upon strengths and weaknesses

• Ability to address the advantages that can be exploited in a competitive situation

• We will guide you through the process from initial design to concept development to final design and artwork

• We will guide you to design a visual identity

• We will guide you to create differentiation for the brand "Margot & Camille"

• We will guide you to build an emotional bond

• We will guide you to create a visual identity that can be used on marketing and promotional materials

• We will guide you to prepare the advertising and PR for our brand

• We will guide you to revamp our websites

• We will guide you to determine the color palette, typography, photography style, and their application across all marketing materials from website to prospectus to letterhead and so on.

• We will shape into a value proposition that in essence will encapsulate the key messages of Margot & Camille 's brand.

• Objectives are:

Bringing Margot & Camille brand visually is the next part of the process

Create a strong brand guarantees standards, creates differentiation and enhances reputations

• Where necessary we will undertake any specific production.

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