Creative Director Apprenticeship

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Work underneath our Creative Director in our Production Company. Our Creative Director just relocated to Costa Rica where we are opening a bikini fashion line, a bed & breakfast, and a yoga retreat.

Internship is 100% unpaid and works directly under our Creative Director. We have two positions available. One where you work remotely and the other where we fly you to Costa Rica for the duration of the internship. During your interview, discuss which you are interested in & why you are a great fit for us.

Stipends are provided to interns who complete more than 20 hours per week and add a touch of creativity to our team equal to that of an entry-level employee or better.


You will work on the following:
Oversee creative branding for Swimwear & Fitness Fashion apparel.
Oversee digital designs for websites such as those found at
Provide your own digital creativity to enhance our brand and bring a stronger unity to our marketing strategy
Write at least 1 article per month for our Creative Magazine - to teach others what it takes to be a Creative Director in today's market.


Must have a very keen sense for high-end designs. Know the difference between a 4-star service & 5-star service.
A passion for design, creativity, art, and wearing many creative hats.
A passion for managing other staff and coaching in creativity where needed.

How To Apply

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