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Business Beat News Corp
Company Location: Chicago, IL
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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My name is Teria Seah. I was a news anchor at WJOB AM, WVON AM, and Total Traffic Network in Chicagoland. I am launching my news company-Business Beat News Corp. Take a look at the home page and click on the sample raw audio reports:

I am in need of one video editor. This is currently a remote position. This is an excellent opportunity to have your work displayed on a credible business and consumer news website. You ideally have a flexible schedule Monday-Friday 8am-12pm CST. Since this is a start-up, writers and video editors are not paid positions yet. But, writer and video editor positions will become hourly paid positions for the right candidates. The wages are included below, and are in the hiring contract. If selected, you will sign a contractor agreement. We will place your photo and bio on our team page on launch day. We truly appreciate and value your commitment!

I will hold Skype interviews with qualified candidates. If selected, you will begin video editing immediately. The expected launch date will be in this month.

Thanks for your interest. I’m looking for serious, long-term new editors, copy writers and video editors who can deliver top notch content in a timely manner.


Overview of Video News Editor Position:

$15.00/hr Video Editor- The video editor will be detailed and timely. You will be comfortable using Adobe After Effects:

Please email your resume and provide any video editing work, especially green screen clips. College degrees are not required. Let your work experience and current edited video samples speak for your capabilities.

Each Business Beat news video is less than 2 minutes. You’ll edit and post up to seven news videos to the website from 8am-12 noon. You are required to post additional video content when necessary.

If selected after the Skype interview, you will begin editing news videos this Thursday or Friday. The expected launch date is in this month.

How To Apply

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