Web Designer Needed to Partner with Entrepreneur/Inventor on New Project

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Company Location: Columbus, OH
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Paid

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Looking for a dedicated individual to develop what is currently a concept into a self-sustaining internet business. We would be partners in this venture, and if chosen, you would be involved in immediate profit sharing once the online business is up and running.

This is not a traditional type of venture or any pre-packaged, pre-existing concept. The web presence is going to reflect a brand new product that can be ordered online and shipped directly to the consumer. The product has similar properties to two other products which I have designed, developed, and launched in recent years....one of which can be viewed at the following link:


This newest product which we would be working on launching together is designed with a much larger, more mainstream audience in mind. It would be customizable to each client and we would be offering many proprietary add-ons to the consumer so the product can be re-purposed for years to come.

I have already secured several relevant domain names and have good relationships with manufacturing entities that will be able to fulfill our initial orders in the meantime.

You should be aware that this conceptual product is a result of many years of trial and error and fine tuning an overall idea into something that is broad, profitable, unique, simple, and very consumer friendly on a global scale. The goal is to make the website appealing and simple enough for both consumers to purchase our product and for investors to invest in our brand...

For fastest response, I can be contacted directly at the following:

With Purpose,
Mike Bruckman
Independent Projects, Ltd.


The primary responsibility would be to build a simple, stylized, and user friendly website for this new product that has the ability for people to place orders directly from their computer or smart phone. Other responsibilities could potentially include recruiting and oversight of other web designers/developers and the design and launch of a mobile app.

You would be coming in as a confidential partner on this project and depending on your level of involvement and commitment, would potentially have an equal stake and say in the direction of ALL aspects of the company.

I have decided to list this position as a paid internship due to my opinion that is it is a commission based position, although the project in these early stages will not offer any financial compensation.


Web Design
Desire for Money

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