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Gem City Ads & Coupons
Company Location: Quincy, IL
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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Gem City Ads & Coupons has started an advertising game online, called Find Words To Win ( We will eventually get advertisers to use as our game ads that registered members view to search for a word. Each ad will have a secret word to get to the next ad. Once the game is complete (by finding each word and submitting it), the user will be directed to the entry form. Once submitted, they are entered into a drawing for prizes. There is a new game each month.


All we ask is that the intern keep in touch with us on progress with the site. The intern can work from home and meet with us at least once a week to show us the progress.


The intern will need to be able to create pages that are secure, so there is no cheating possible. We currently have a working site with a game beginning in November 2013. We are needing an intern to redesign the site, so it is not only user friendly, but design it to keep users interested. Our main concern is the look and feel of the site...along with security.

We are needing someone with skills in HTML, Javascript, PHP, and whatever else that is needed to get the site functioning properly. A degree is not necessary if the intern can show that he/she can do the job effectively. Our goal is to have the site secure and presentable. We are hoping to hire interns as full-time employees to keep the site running.

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