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Hi, guys, this is Monique Gong. I am from China originally and I am Human Resource manager in Hardmagic production now. Hardmagic publishing is looking for the Designer intern in a certain project-Study Abroad Program and other projects in our company. Company's headquarter is in Costa Rica. We have already gotten the Handbooks about this program in the Google Docs. So, this position is an agent that "specifies the structural properties of a design object." In practice, anyone who creates tangible or intangible objects, such as consumer products, processes, cover of handbook and so on, is referred to as a designer. And, you could get college credit and get more experiences in our team. Initially, this is unpaid and you work remotely.


1) You have responsibility to make decisions what will be about design, like cover about handbook, complex products,etc.
2) You should be creative and Plagiarism is not accepted.
3) You have to know company's value, and understand our clients' need.

If you feel you are a strong candidate, please send your resume to
HR Manager: Monique Gong
Please reference the job title in the subject line of your email


1) Bachelor's degree preferred.
2) You must do multi-task in your working, and you should be competitive and experienced.
3) You could work with leaders, co-workers in our company.
4) You are going to be screened and interviewed before you start your work.

Thank you so much for writing in and we applaud you on your first step towards embarking on a magical journey with us. We have an application process you will go through to qualify as a part of our community, which will allow us to know more about your personality, ensures you have a good heart and a desire to help the world.

Step 1:
Read 7 Steps to Perfection by Matt Hackney
This teaches how to take action & be the best you can be. Remember - our community is a think-free zone & we are very action based. Only tangible dreamers apply - not people with their head in the clouds all day.

Download eBook here:
iTunes Free Promo Code: NL4TNXTPR96X
Amazon Link for Paperback:

Step 2: Review Book
Either on Amazon or on Itunes, provide a detailed review of reading this book.

Step 3: Send us a message
Notify us you have completed your book review & are ready for an interview.


Required - Adobe InDesign, Business Communications, Adobe Design Programs, Interpersonal Skills, Creative Concept Design
Preferred - Bilingual-English/Spanish

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