Design refers to the planning that lays the groundwork for the making of an object, product or system, consider product design, graphic design, digital, stage/set design, landscape, interior design, etc. The requirements and key activities of a design internship vary from category to category. For example, in an interior design internship you might be expected to assist in client presentations, update resources, handle vendor management, assist designers, and participate with design teams. In contrast, a graphic design intern you might develop and visualize concepts, design documentation and client presentation, build prototypes and coordinate and liaise with different departments involved in graphic designing.

However, the purpose of a design internship is to help you gain real work experience and to learn how design and business work together in a fast-paced environment. Design interns need to listen, brainstorm, observe, gather insights from your observations, create perspectives, explore and define design opportunities, help define strategy, create tangible design expressions and communicate the essence of these ideas.

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