Back-End Web Developer Intern

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10 Jay St, Ste 206
Brooklyn, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Full-time, Unpaid

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Description is looking for a developer passionate about backend technologies and PHP

As a backend web development intern, you can expect to learn about:
• Write abstract innovative code, while still being ready to learn and adopt new ways of problem-solving.
• Building e-commerce platforms, social media applications, e-mail blast systems, and AJAX-oriented interfaces.
• Work closely with both the front end and backend development teams (of up to 4 people) on projects, in order to ensure integration with the backend of all the moving parts in a project.
• Integrate Javascript and develop AJAX enhancements and script-based visual effects, in particular, using and developing Moo Tools plugins and classes.
• Developing and programming in PHP/MYSQL and some PERL to maintain existing systems such as CMS, Google Analytics, Statistics reporting/logging systems, and client reporting tools.
• Assisting in maintaining several large networks of GNU/Linux-based application, database, and development servers based on our own proprietary API, Bureau™.
• Maintain and evolve our strict documentation and guidelines of our Bureau API system. Working with CMS and MVC frameworks.


We do need you to have:
• Unwavering attention to detail and excellent organization skills—this will be key to learning and growing in our fast-paced fun environment.
• Good knowledge and an idea of the most recent practices in backend web development techniques, including Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP as well as Javascript, AJAX.
• Knowledge of Object Oriented as well as MVC concepts to develop modules of code with High Cohesion and Low Coupling.
• Some experience writing, profiling, and optimizing MySQL queries.
• Experience with debugging software methodologies and problem solving techniques.
• Good or basic knowledge in integrating and working with provided XHTML/HTML.
• Good or basic knowledge of using industry-cool web dev apps: Coda, Espresso, Forklift (or equivalent).
• Some understanding of usability and accessibility guidelines.
• Some experience in current web technologies and understanding differences and limitations with such technologies.
• Knowledge of HTML5 and mobile is a big plus (also a plus if you're interested to learn!). Other languages are welcome.

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