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Gimmil is an online marketplace, developed exclusively as a business-to-business solution to more efficiently sell the liquidation stock, defective product and residual raw materials of manufacturing companies. We offer three services: auction, stock program (where sellers list their products and customers make an offer), bazaar (where sellers list their products and price and customers can bid lower). Due to the constraints commonly surrounding the sale of these goods - disruption of market prices, damage to brand value, limited/niche demand - a manufacturer generally has only a handful of major buyers. Gimmil allows a manufacturer to take its existing customer base, determine eligibility and then increase the speed and price at which liquidation stock can be sold.

At Gimmil, we incentivize through responsibility. We are a two-year-old company, and in our start-up stage, you will become an integral part of our team from the very beginning. We are looking for candidates that will thrive under an autonomous organization, where you will not only be expected but also encouraged to think strategically and make decisions.


Gimmil achieved success early on in its beta release within the wood-based panel industry in Europe. Gimmil is now ready to expand our global reach and become available to more customers in more countries and industries. For this we need a strong sales team, willing to reach out to potential customers and demonstrate Gimmil’s ability to facilitate B2B sales.

We are currently seeking people with a strong interest in sales and the opportunity to lead their own team at a technology driven company. Our goal is to grow our sales force by encouraging our interns to create their own sales team, bringing on their own people and in turn growing their reach.

Since Gimmil can benefit almost all manufacturing companies by expediting sales, and freeing up working capital, the Gimmil platform can be applied to a wide range of industries. Our interns can select industries that interest them most and then lead their own investigation as to what manufacturers in these industries do with liquidation stock, defective products and residual raw materials. Our interns will then craft a sales pitch that is industry and company specific, and bring it to the field. We encourage exploration up and down the supply chain, reaching out to manufacturers’ suppliers and their distributors to demonstrate the applications of Gimmil.

Gimmil aims to provide our interns the possibility to manage and grow their own sales team as well as the flexibility to focus on those industries that interest them the most. Gimmil will assist in personnel development through seminars and tutorials on sales and management techniques. Our goal is to grow the most successful sales leaders into full time employees ensuring their success and the success of Gimmil.

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