Business and Organizational Systems Development Intern (BOSD)

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PO BOX 1073
Lolo, MT
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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Company Information: Multi-faceted business (including real estate, information, business coach/consultant, author, marathon runner and speaker) headquartered in western Montana and run by a President/CEO who is an entrepreneur with 20+ years of business experience.

Internship Description: Objectives: To identify, create, update, manage and maintain improvements to our business systems ranging from email mastery to office organizational systems to project organization in order to increase ease of use and our overall productivity while training our staff on best practices and procedures.

Areas of Primary Focus:
• Identify opportunities & potential projects to create streamlined and organized systems and processes for our business. Analyze our current systems and processes, and recommend changes and improvements in the implementation and usage of these systems. Identify opportunities & potential projects to create improved systems and processes for our business.
• Explore and devise strategies that utilize more effective concepts in systems of effective filing techniques, office space planning and storage design, work systems development, financial records management, paper and clutter management, time and life management
• Implement procedures, protocols and processes to simplify systems and organize projects, including such potential projects as systems for: President’s real estate and rental properties, Internship Program, Coaching and Consulting Business, President’s Speaking Gigs, Internet Marketing, Accounting Systems, Contact Management, General Office Management, Organization and Administration, etc.
• Research, design, customize, apply, and maintain organizational systems (email, relationship and office) for the business.
• Provide training and support regarding application and use of the organizational systems and processes at all levels.
• Some sample projects include organizing office space to enhance work flow and productivity, creating a contact management/follow up system to stay in touch with current and former clients etc.
• Suggest useful resources such as seminars, webinars, training for the CEO and interns to develop and improve their time management and organizational skills.
• Documentation of all policies, processes, procedures, best practices, etc.
Benefits: Internships at entrepreneurial companies like ours have several advantages:
• Real world, hands-on experience you don’t often get at a larger company
• Direct interaction with executives
• Instantly becoming an integral part of a focused team
• Mentorship from dynamic leaders
• Get hands-on business experience in creating and coordinating an organizational and business systems structure


You’ll increase ease of use and the overall productivity of our business while training our staff on best practices and procedures. You’ll develop your writing, communication, organization and management skills. You’ll develop an operations template for the Business & Organizational Systems Development aspect of our business.

You’ll be able to spend some of your time working virtually from home with daily email check ins and at least once or twice a week will be required to be on-site for implementation, installation, trouble-shooting, problem-solving, weekly meetings, etc. You’ll be able to attend Training/ Workshops/ Teleclasses/ Events to further enhance your expertise in the Business Systems and Organization arenas.

You’ll get to work alongside the President, honing your professional skills and getting an in-depth look at the inner workings of a growing company. Not only will you have gained vital mentoring and invaluable work experience to position you head and shoulders above your competition in the tight job market, but at the end of your successful internship, you will also have bona fide materials showcasing your talents and experience to use in your portfolio, including a reference letter from the President/CEO, a President who understands first-hand the position of an intern because she was able to successfully complete not one, not two, but three different intern positions throughout the course of her career.


Ideal Candidate: Looking for 1 BOSD intern - local to Missoula, MT. For this position, we are seeking enthusiastic, organized, outgoing, self-directed “Uber Organizer” who has some general skills and experience in researching and applying organizational systems (either personal or professional life) as well as people and communication skills. You must have a natural inclination towards making things work smoothly and proficiently from the basic task level to overall systems and processes.

Must be local to the Missoula area, and available at least 10 to 15 hrs/week, and have reliable transportation, reliable computer and internet access. While some of the research and planning will be able to be done from your location, at least 4 to 6 hours per week will be required on site.

Most Psychology and Business Majors will find this job exceptionally rewarding! Please have the ability to be in Missoula at least twice a week, follow directions, communicate via email or phone daily, employ excellent phone skills, work independently, both locally and virtually, and stay organized. Your educational background, work experience and major are not as important as your demonstrated commitment, enthusiasm and a positive attitude.
Timeline: Minimum of 10 hours per week, up to a max of 36 hours per week dependent upon your schedule. Prefer at least 13 to 14 week commitment, but will consider shorter terms.

Compensation: Unpaid internship. Academic credit will be arranged for those requiring it.

To Apply: Note: Deadline is the 25th

Step 1: In the body of an email, not as an attachment, provide a cover letter indicating why you would be a great fit for this internship position, a resumé highlighting your related skills & experience, and answer the following question: “Where do you hope to be in the next 5 years?” Submit this to

Step 2: Fill out the application that can be found at

*We are always creating and offering new internships and many of them can be filled at any time during the year. Apply anytime at to be considered for future opportunities. Thank you!

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