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DREAM Project Foundation
Company Location: Belmont, MI
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 6 Part-time, Unpaid

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Company Overview:
Mission: To stop human trafficking through community development

Vision: To see a world free of slavery and exploitation; a world in which all have basic needs met and have the freedom to direct their own lives

Develop We help to improve the living standards of a community; as well as individuals
Respect We respect the societies we work, and create a cultural exchange
Educate We work to educate the communities, through teaching programs and experience
Aid We help those who need it through medical aid and education
Maintain We create an atmosphere of sustainability, in the hopes that one day, all the projects our donations go toward will be able to help themselves and teach others.

DPF also functions on a global scale supporting the efforts of other anti-trafficking organizations whose mission coincide with ours. This will in-turn improve our efforts by cultivating areas which we are operational unable, but do in fact affect the successfulness of our mission.

For more information please see our website:
To aid in the networking and fundraising of Dream Project Foundation programs
This internship program is designed to encourage those who are interested in event organizing, or fund raising, who have little experience, to work with a nonprofit organization and develop experience in the field. Any who are interested may apply.
Organize and hold 3 fundraising events in a 6 month time period. We encourage creativity, and entrepreneurship to develop unique and interesting ways to raise funds. At the end of your third and final event, you will receive a 6 month internship certificate, noting the successfulness of your events and amount raised. Examples of events may be:
1. Enter a walk / run and obtain sponsorship from friends and family
2. Hold a car wash for your community, all proceeds going to DPF
3. Organize a dinner party, have all attends make a donation to DPF
4. Give up coffee for 3 weeks; donate the funds you would have spent to DPF
5. Cut lawns for your neighbors with all proceeds going to DPF
The intern will report to the Director of Development with updates, or recommendations for events. More information will be provided once acceptance to the program is confirmed


All interns will uphold Dream Project Foundation’s moral and ethical standards fully disclosing where all funds will go.
All interns will represent Dream Project Foundation in an appropriate action and manner.
All interns will have the responsibility to ensure that they do the best work possible in pursuit of Dream Project Foundation’s goals.


Anyone who is 18 years and older is encouraged to participate; knowledge or understanding of human trafficking or community development is recommended, but not required
Please contact Dream Project Foundation and submit your Resume, CV, or any relevant information to:

How To Apply

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