Front-End Development Internship

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FoodFan is a disruptive new startup founded by alumni of Groupon and Cisco Systems that is looking to solve a significant problem in a major market.

We are looking for someone adept in new web technologies (HTML5, CSS3) and experience with design implementation with an excellent work ethic, and a religious focus on quality. The ideal candidate is highly motivated, able to work independently, and is capable of solving complex design/interactive problems.

Our office environment is combination of fun, collaborative, innovative and extremely challenging. We site and applications solve complex problems people and businesses face on a daily basis.


- Work directly with founding team to assist in design and integration of public-facing sites
- Have unparalleled attention to detail when maintaining the sanctity of original designs
- Meet deadlines without breaking a sweat (okay, maybe you will sweat a little sometimes)
- Anything is possible but nothing will be boring :)



- Hands-on experience with HTML5, CSS5, jQuery, and Django Frameworks
- Experience with end-user usability testing a plus
- A strong, clean and principled design aesthetic and strong eye for layout, colors and typography; i.e. cherishes cleanliness and simplicity of design
- Self-starter, ambitious and able to take direction

- Currently pursuing a degree related to HCI, web/graphic design, web development or equivalent

- Must be in the Greater New York City area or able to feasibly commute.

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