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The Business of Life helps time-crazed professionals and their families find time for what matters. We aren't interested in Time Management... we're in the process of launching Take Back the Time... a movement to inspire and incite a new approach to Time.

We are looking for someone to help transform our innovative Time Design tool into a compelling online game or app.

This is a great opportunity to flex your creative muscles and take the lead on a great project and make it your own. We are not looking for someone to just execute our precise instructions, we are looking for someone who invests into the creative process of creating the first beta version of what could be a game-changing tool.


While this project is an unpaid internship for the game and UI design portion of this project... If this relationship extends into the actual development of the game/app... we can absolutely discuss a profit sharing arrangement for proceeds from the end product.


excited to think beyond the basic instructions and contribute ideas, direction and value.

big thinker. organized and self-starter.

interest in personal development or productivity is a plus.
interest in kicking up the dust of the status quo, a bonus.
creative, fun & sense of humor... a MUST.

TO APPLY: Submit resume and a few sentences about how and what about this project interest you to

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