Virtual Web Development Internship

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Virtual Internship Opportunity for International Students: Part-Time virtual position with possibility of on-site 3-month stay in Denver, CO after graduation or during summer. Excellent spoken English is required. Our recent intern from Ukraine is finishing his 3-month onsite internship this month.

We are looking for a self-starter - someone at the front end of their education (online, certificate, bachelors, or self-taught) but who goes out of their way to learn the technologies that interest them. Please no graduate students. What programs, tools and technologies have you taught yourself recently? Do you know what jQuery, jQueryUI, Javascript Plugins, HTML 5, CSS3 are? Are you learning these technologies but need a place to practice and get real business experience?

Ariete Consulting is a privately owned Denver-based marketing and technology firm. Focusing on the needs of small and medium sized businesses, as well as churches and non-profits, our team helps customers build traction and grow their businesses.

Payment to be negotiated based on intention, location, experience, fit and commitment.


- Setup & Design of website(s)
- Graphic Design breakout (learn how to take a site from PSD to HTML/CSS inside the CMS framework)
- Learn framework of JoyaCMS and support customer projects as needed
- Customize sites using Javascript and Javascript plugins
- Support content entry for company sites
- Learn the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimized site design


If you have not taught yourself how to write HTML & CSS, please do not apply. There are free resources for learning almost every language and technology online - use them! We teach those who begin by teaching themselves!

- Must be able to write HTML and CSS - using text editor
- Must be familiar with front-end design for websites and web applications
- Must be familiar with Photoshop or some other graphics program (graphic design)
- Must be comfortable learning new technologies, tools, applications, etc.
- Prefer knowledge of JavaScript - both server and client would be ideal
- Should understand CMS frameworks (conceptually)
- Prefer familiarity with jQuery and jQuery UI
- Prefer familiarity with document databases (like Mongo)

How To Apply

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